Accumulated Points for Horse of the Year 2017-2018 - Jumping

Jumping Horse of Year Calculation Method

Jumping table awards as 14 Jan 2018

BREC = Beas River Equestrian Centre

CEEC = Clearwater Bay Education and Equestrian Centre

HS = Happy Stable

LYMPRS = Lei Yue Mun Public Riding School

LWSC = Lo Wu Saddle Club

IRC = International Riding Centre

PFLPRS = Pokfulam Public Riding School

TMPRS = Tuen Mun Public Riding School

(Results as of 29 Oct 2017)

HOYs Jumping Ranking

No. of Entry
13329-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CLeonaNicolas YuLWSC110cm11458.563rd4Leona + Nicolas Yu30.001st
17226-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat BAll ChancesMelinda MaBREC120cm31564.301st7All Chances + Melinda Ma26.002nd
15926-Nov-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition12Claus CosterLeung Oi ManBREC130cm11783.191st8Claus Coster + Leung Oi Man23.003rd
17814-Jan-18Dressage & Jumping Show12Quick MoneyTang Mei ShuenTPRS100cm3453.151st5Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen19.004th
9821-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10World SeriesMichelle LiTPRS110cm13070.731st6World Series + Michelle Li17.005th
15626-Nov-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition11CrunshipNathan ChanBREC120cm2074.051st7Crunship + Nathan Chan15.006th
11921-Oct-17BREC One Day Event6CarlaJustin YeungBREC100cm3077.821st5Carla + Justin Yeung14.00
11721-Oct-17BREC One Day Event12Alonso 42Sham Hang YukBREC130cm2Elim--0Alonso 42 + Sham Hang Yuk13.00
16126-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CNoble BossLeung Oi ManBREC110cm10066.811st6Noble Boss + Leung Oi Man11.00
311-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6KoenigsbergAnnalbel DysonLWSC100cm12471.243rd3Koenigsberg + Annalbel Dyson7.00
12429-Oct-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10PhaedoBilly TamBREC110cm52071.622nd4Phaedo + Billy Tam7.00
12329-Oct-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10CecantoMelinda MaBREC110cm5062.131st6Cecanto + Melinda Ma6.00
15026-Nov-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10BentlyNicolas YuLWSC110cm52864.091st6Bently + Nicolas Yu6.00
13229-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CAngelVincent CapolBREC110cm11063.162nd5Angel + Vincent Capol5.00
16226-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CPetit PrinceCecilia ChanBREC110cm10463.322nd5Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan5.00
6414-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Fun FasterGabby ThomasLWSC110cm20467.443rd4Fun Faster + Gabby Thomas4.00
6614-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5KoronaNatasha LeeBREC110cm20870.805th0Korona + Natasha Lee4.00
11421-Oct-17BREC One Day Event11AccelerationNathan ChanBREC120cm3ElimElim-0Acceleration + Nathan Chan4.00
15126-Nov-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10Auspicious StartClaudia WrobelBREC110cm53267.792nd4Auspicious Start + Claudia Wrobel4.00
19-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5LeonaNicolas YuLWSC100cm196560.701st5Leona + Nicolas Yu
29-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5AccelerationNathan ChanBREC100cm196561.182nd4Acceleration + Nathan Chan
39-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5PhaedoBilly TamBREC100cm196171.513rd3Phaedo + Billy Tam
49-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5Noble BossLeung Oi ManBREC100cm1959pts60.604th0Noble Boss + Leung Oi Man
59-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5Auspicious StartSamantha DiCristinaBREC100cm1959pts68.105th0Auspicious Start + Samantha DiCristina
69-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5KoenigsbergChristina DysonLWSC100cm1958pts50.646th0Koenigsberg + Christina Dyson
79-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5Giants SerapisJoanne LeeBREC100cm1958pts62.59-0Giants Serapis + Joanne Lee
89-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5All ChancesMelinda MaBREC100cm1958pts60.62-0All Chances + Melinda Ma
99-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5BentlyNicolas YuLWSC100cm1956pts60.02-0Bently + Nicolas Yu
109-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5KoronaNatasha LeeBREC100cm1952pts61.55-0Korona + Natasha Lee
119-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5Noble DefeaterBianca GarciaCEEC100cm1950pts75.45-0Noble Defeater + Bianca Garcia
129-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5Sweet WilliamRachelle PurnellCEEC100cm1948pts71.49-0Sweet William + Rachelle Purnell
139-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC100cm1945pts90.75-0Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
149-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5Par ExcellenceDominique MillardBREC100cm1940pts61.99-0Par Excellence + Dominique Millard
159-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5Fun FasterGabby ThomasLWSC100cm1938pts55.87-0Fun Faster + Gabby Thomas
169-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5Queen DragonClaudia WrobelBREC100cm197pts63.56-0Queen Dragon + Claudia Wrobel
179-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5CarlaJustin YeungBREC100cm19Elim--0Carla + Justin Yeung
189-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5TilburgVincent CapolBREC100cm19W/D--0Tilburg + Vincent Capol
199-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show5VilasolEdgar FungIRC100cm19W/D--0Vilasol + Edgar Fung
219-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show6Alonso 42Sham Hang YukBREC110cm7078.271st6Alonso 42 + Sham Hang Yuk
229-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show6LeonaNicolas YuLWSC110cm7469.822nd4Leona + Nicolas Yu
239-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show6Noble BossLeung Oi ManBREC110cm7478.29-0Noble Boss + Leung Oi Man
249-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show6KoenigsbergChristina DysonLWSC110cm7863.93-0Koenigsberg + Christina Dyson
259-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show6BentlyNicolas YuLWSC110cm7869.64-0Bently + Nicolas Yu
269-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show6AccelerationNathan ChanBREC110cm7876.75-0Acceleration + Nathan Chan
279-Sep-17BREC Jumping Show6All ChancesMelinda MaBREC110cm7W/D--0All Chances + Melinda Ma
291-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6All ChancesMelinda MaBREC100cm12067.221st5All Chances + Melinda Ma
301-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6KoronaNatasha LeeBREC100cm12470.742nd4Korona + Natasha Lee
321-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6BentlyNicolas YuLWSC100cm12471.254th0Bently + Nicolas Yu
331-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6LeonaNicolas YuLWSC100cm12472.10-0Leona + Nicolas Yu
341-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC100cm12475.90-0Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
351-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6Petit PrinceCecilia ChanBREC100cm12877.62-0Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan
361-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6Queen DragonClaudia WrobelBREC100cm121281.49-0Queen Dragon + Claudia Wrobel
371-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6AmedeoBeverly MillardBREC100cm12484.08-0Amedeo + Beverly Millard
381-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6Secrets of WinningMatilda MarchardCEEC100cm12886.72-0Secrets of Winning + Matilda Marchard
391-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6Auspicious StartVincent CapolBREC100cm121694.03-0Auspicious Start + Vincent Capol
401-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show6CarlaJustin YeungBREC100cm12Elim--0Carla + Justin Yeung
421-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7LeonaNicolas YuLWSC110cm15031.301st6Leona + Nicolas Yu
431-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7Noble BossLeung Oi ManBREC110cm15031.962nd5Noble Boss + Leung Oi Man
441-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7CarlaJustin YeungBREC110cm15032.363rd4Carla + Justin Yeung
451-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7Claus CosterLeung Oi ManBREC110cm15033.354th0Claus Coster + Leung Oi Man
461-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC110cm154-5th0Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
471-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7Alonso 42Sham Hang YukBREC110cm154-5th0Alonso 42 + Sham Hang Yuk
481-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7LorenzettiEric WeiBREC110cm154--0Lorenzetti + Eric Wei
491-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7AmedeoBeverly MillardBREC110cm158--0Amedeo + Beverly Millard
501-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm158--0Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
511-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7BentlyNicolas YuLWSC110cm158--0Bently + Nicolas Yu
521-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7KoronaNatasha LeeBREC110cm1512--0Korona + Natasha Lee
531-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7Queen DragonClaudia WrobelBREC110cm1512--0Queen Dragon + Claudia Wrobel
541-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7Auspicious StartVincent CapolBREC110cm1512--0Auspicious Start + Vincent Capol
551-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7All ChancesMelinda MaBREC110cm1516--0All Chances + Melinda Ma
561-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show7PhaedoBilly TamBREC110cm1516--0Phaedo + Billy Tam
581-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show8Alonso 42Sham Hang YukBREC120cm347pts60.951st7Alonso 42 + Sham Hang Yuk
591-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show8LorenzettiEric WeiBREC120cm3RTD--0Lorenzetti + Eric Wei
601-Oct-17BREC Jumping Show8Claus CosterLeung Oi ManBREC120cm3RTD--0Claus Coster + Leung Oi Man
6214-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5LeonaNicolas YuLWSC110cm20066.481st6Leona + Nicolas Yu
6314-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5CarlaJustin YeungBREC110cm20465.562nd5Carla + Justin Yeung
6514-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5ClearlightKurt BakerBREC110cm20472.284th0Clearlight + Kurt Baker
6714-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5PhaedoBilly TamBREC110cm20873.276th0Phaedo + Billy Tam
6814-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm20874.797th0Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
6914-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Lucky CookieClaudia WrobelBREC110cm20875.90-0Lucky Cookie + Claudia Wrobel
7014-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC110cm201276.80-0Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
7114-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Auspicious StartSamantha DiCristinaBREC110cm201276.93-0Auspicious Start + Samantha DiCristina
7214-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5AmedeoNathan ChanBREC110cm201277.75-0Amedeo + Nathan Chan
7314-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Monte CristoRachelle PurnellCEEC110cm201677.08-0Monte Cristo + Rachelle Purnell
7414-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Chariots of FireDennis CassidyBREC110cm202386.10-0Chariots of Fire + Dennis Cassidy
7514-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5BentlyNicolas YuLWSC110cm20Elim--0Bently + Nicolas Yu
7614-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Starlit WarrorAmber KhairaCEEC110cm20Elim--0Starlit Warror + Amber Khaira
7714-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Noble DefeaterBiance GarciaCEEC110cm20Elim--0Noble Defeater + Biance Garcia
7814-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Secrets of WinningMatilda MarchandCEEC110cm20Elim--0Secrets of Winning + Matilda Marchand
7914-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Sweet WilliamAnna GordienkoCEEC110cm20Elim--0Sweet William + Anna Gordienko
8014-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Lighting SpeedMelissa EdwardsCEEC110cm20Elim--0Lighting Speed + Melissa Edwards
8114-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show5Real FitMartin LeongBREC110cm20W/D--0Real Fit + Martin Leong
8314-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show6Claus CosterLeung Oi ManBREC120cm2469.331st7Claus Coster + Leung Oi Man
8414-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show6AccelerationNathan ChanBREC120cm24+180.85-0Acceleration + Nathan Chan
8614-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show7Claus CosterLeung Oi ManBREC130cm30+175.861st8Claus Coster + Leung Oi Man
8714-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show7CrunshipNathan ChanBREC130cm38+797.51-0Crunship + Nathan Chan
8814-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge Warm Up Show7Alonso 42Sham Hang YukBREC130cm3Elim--0Alonso 42 + Sham Hang Yuk
9010-Sep-17Dressage & Jumping Show12Quick MoneyTang Mei ShuenTPRS100cm4050.28-0Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
9110-Sep-17Dressage & Jumping Show12VilasolEdgar FungIRC100cm4W/D--0Vilasol + Edgar Fung
9210-Sep-17Dressage & Jumping Show12Noble DefeaterBianca GarciaCEEC100cm41671.68-0Noble Defeater + Bianca Garcia
9310-Sep-17Dressage & Jumping Show12World SeriesMichelle LiTPRS100cm4046.911st5World Series + Michelle Li
958-Oct-17Dressage & Jumping Show12Quick MoneyTang Mei ShuenTPRS100cm2455.601st5Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
968-Oct-17Dressage & Jumping Show12World SeriesMichelle LiTPRS100cm2055.83-0World Series + Michelle Li
9921-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10LeonaNicolas YuLWSC110cm13464.572nd5Leona + Nicolas Yu
10021-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm13466.433rd4Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
10121-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10BentlyNicolas YuLWSC110cm13866.674th0Bently + Nicolas Yu
10221-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10AmedeoNathan ChanBREC110cm13872.43-0Amedeo + Nathan Chan
10321-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10Chariots of FireDennis CassidyBREC110cm138+174.38-0Chariots of Fire + Dennis Cassidy
10421-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10Lucky CookieClaudia WrobelBREC110cm134+696.12-0Lucky Cookie + Claudia Wrobel
10521-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10Auspicious StartSamantha DiCristinaBREC110cm131268.20-0Auspicious Start + Samantha DiCristina
10621-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10Polymer PowerAden YuengBREC110cm131274.70-0Polymer Power + Aden Yueng
10721-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10PhaedoBilly TamBREC110cm131672.47-0Phaedo + Billy Tam
10821-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10ClearlightKurt BakerBREC110cm13Elim--0Clearlight + Kurt Baker
10921-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10All ChancesMelinda MaBREC110cm13Elim--0All Chances + Melinda Ma
11021-Oct-17BREC One Day Event10CarlaJustin YeungBREC110cm13Elim--0Carla + Justin Yeung
11221-Oct-17BREC One Day Event11All ChancesMelinda MaBREC120cm3058.891st7All Chances + Melinda Ma
11321-Oct-17BREC One Day Event11LeonaNicolas YuLWSC120cm3464.74-0Leona + Nicolas Yu
11621-Oct-17BREC One Day Event12CrunshipNathan ChanBREC130cm2067.281st8Crunship + Nathan Chan
12021-Oct-17BREC One Day Event6Real FitMartin LeongBREC100cm3464.38-0Real Fit + Martin Leong
12121-Oct-17BREC One Day Event6Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC100cm38+2100.60-0Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
12529-Oct-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10BentlyNicolas YuBREC110cm52463.15-0Bently + Nicolas Yu
12629-Oct-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10Starlit WarrorAmber KhairaCEEC110cm5--Elim0Starlit Warror + Amber Khaira
12729-Oct-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10Lucky CookieClaudia WrobelBREC110cm5--Elim0Lucky Cookie + Claudia Wrobel
12929-Oct-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition12Claus CosterLeung Oi ManBREC130cm1--Elim0Claus Coster + Leung Oi Man
13129-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CWorld SeriesMichelle LiTPRS110cm11060.821st6World Series + Michelle Li
13429-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CQuick MoneyTang Mei ShuenTPRS110cm11463.614th0Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
13529-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CNoble BossLeung Oi ManBREC110cm11465.315th0Noble Boss + Leung Oi Man
13629-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CFun FasterGabby ThomasLWSC110cm111264.556th0Fun Faster + Gabby Thomas
13729-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CAmedeoBeverly MillardBREC110cm112071.32-0Amedeo + Beverly Millard
13829-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CPetit PrinceCecilia ChanBREC110cm112470.7-0Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan
13929-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CLighting SpeedMathlide ElgCEEC110cm114067.52-0Lighting Speed + Mathlide Elg
14029-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CAuspicious StartSamantha DiCristinaBREC110cm113668.26-0Auspicious Start + Samantha DiCristina
14129-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat CNoble DefeaterBianca GarciaCEEC110cm112866.5-0Noble Defeater + Bianca Garcia
14329-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat BAll ChancesMelinda MaBREC120cm3465.91st7All Chances + Melinda Ma
14429-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat BLorenzettiEric WeiBREC120cm3873.12nd0Lorenzetti + Eric Wei
14529-Oct-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 2Cat BAccelerationNathan ChanBREC120cm32463.81-0Acceleration + Nathan Chan
14719-Nov-17Dressage & Jumping Show12World SeriesMichelle LiTPRS105cm2449.66-0World Series + Michelle Li
14819-Nov-17Dressage & Jumping Show12Quick MoneyTang Mei ShuenTPRS105cm2045.841st5Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
15226-Nov-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC110cm5--Elim0Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
15326-Nov-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10Lighting SpeedMelissa EdwardsCEEC110cm5--Elim0Lighting Speed + Melissa Edwards
15426-Nov-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition10KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm5--Elim0Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
15726-Nov-17HKEF Local Jumping Competition11AccelerationNathan ChanBREC120cm2--ElimAcceleration + Nathan Chan
16326-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CQuick MoneyTang Mei ShuenTPRS110cm10464.123rd4Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
16426-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CWorld SeriesMichelle LiTPRS110cm10859.424th0World Series + Michelle Li
16526-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CAngelVincent CapolBREC110cm10867.085th0Angel + Vincent Capol
16626-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CAmedeoBeverly MillardBREC110cm101669.536th0Amedeo + Beverly Millard
16726-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CWillem XXLSham Hang YukBREC110cm102062.65-0Willem XXL + Sham Hang Yuk
16826-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CFun FasterGabby ThomasLWSC110cm102275.81-0Fun Faster + Gabby Thomas
16926-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CSpeedyYu An SuCEEC110cm103267.67-0Speedy + Yu An Su
17026-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat CKoronaNatasha LeeBREC110cm103683.33-0Korona + Natasha Lee
17326-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat BAlonso 42Sham Hang YukBREC120cm31762.24-0Alonso 42 + Sham Hang Yuk
17426-Nov-17FEI World Jumping Challenge - Competition 3Cat BLorenzettiEric WeiBREC120cm32274.66-Lorenzetti + Eric Wei
17614-Jan-18Dressage & Jumping Show12Peaceful MissionIvy IpTPRS100cm3476.76-0Peaceful Mission + Ivy Ip
17714-Jan-18Dressage & Jumping Show12VilasolEdgar FungIRC100cm3058.43-0Vilasol + Edgar Fung