Accumulated Points for Horse of the Year 2019-2020 - Jumping

Jumping Horse of Year Calculation Method

Jumping-table-awards-as-25Nov2019BREC = Beas River Equestrian Centre

CEEC = Clearwater Bay Education and Equestrian Centre

LYMPRS = Lei Yue Mun Public Riding School

LWSC = Lo Wu Saddle Club

IRC = International Riding Centre

PFLPRS = Pokfulam Public Riding School

TMPRS = Tuen Mun Public Riding School

(Results as of 8 Sep 2019)

HOYs Jumping Ranking

*Double Clear Round Point(s) will be awarded to the rider achieving double clear at 100cm or above competitions consisting of 2 rounds but will not awarded to riders with placing points.
No.DateEventClassHeight LevelNo. of EntryRiderBridle no.HorseHorse no.ClubRD 1 FaultsRD 2 FaultsTime
PointsTime takenAwardEntitled
*Double ClearCombinationTentative
1426-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.3130cm1Vincent Capol630AngelHX116BREC44--69.611st10Angel + Vincent Capol451st
1853-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Vincent Capol627Kingston JumboP283BREC4---73.832nd3Kingston Jumbo + Vincent Capol212nd
1843-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Nicolas Yu623LeonaHX114LWSC0---1st4Leona + Nicolas Yu153rd
1692-Nov-19BREC One Day Event8105cm4Aden Yeung601CarlaHX110BREC0---66.961st5Carla + Aden Yeung14
1316-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.1110cm8Edgar Fung664MiltonHR119BREC00--65.221st6Milton + Edgar Fung12
9029-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show12110cm8Amber Khaira523Starlit WarriorM162CEEC4 + 1---78.082nd5Starlit Warrior + Amber Khaira9
16013-Oct-19TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show15100cm3Joshua Chan660HarveyHR110TMPRS0---70.841st4Harvey + Joshua Chan9
1863-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Eva Morton340All ChancesE241BREC4---75.843rd2All Chances + Eva Morton9
8929-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show12110cm8Luci Friend608Sirocco TooS036LWSC4---69.051st6Sirocco Too + Luci Friend6
1326-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.1110cm8Cecilia Chan498Petit PrinceN049BREC40--69.122nd5Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan5
3208-Sep-19TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show13100cm2Tang Mei Shuen280Quick MoneyJ246TPRS---54.681st4Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen4
1336-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.1110cm8Natalie Walker280Quick MoneyJ246TMPRS80--58.893rd4Quick Money + Natalie Walker4
7529-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Edgar Fung606DoodleHX105IRC0---37.273rd1Doodle + Edgar Fung3
107-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Isaac Wong493Fun FasterN191LWSC0---46.011st2Fun Faster + Isaac Wong2
1807-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Aden Yeung417Polymer PowerL417BREC0---90.973rd2Polymer Power + Aden Yeung2
3421-Sep-19BREC One Day Event790cm4Beverly Millard511AmedeoK292BREC0---75.621st2Amedeo + Beverly Millard2
1632-Nov-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Jack Callan420BenPR192BREC0---59.341st2Ben + Jack Callan2
1135-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Sarah Corner599Aurium AuriganHX108CEEC00--64.932nd1Aurium Aurigan + Sarah Corner1
1753-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show590cm9Annabel Dyson469KoenigsbergL268LWSC----68.822nd1Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson1
3-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show8120cm1Vincent Capol630AngelHX116BREC4---29.11st8Angel + Vincent Capol
207-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Amber Khaira523Starlit WarriorM162CEEC0---47.932nd1Starlit Warrior + Amber Khaira
307-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Venus Chan555Auspicious StartM396BREC0---53.353rdAuspicious Start + Venus Chan
407-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Owen Wong728Mr BeanHX127LWSC0---53.584thMr Bean + Owen Wong
507-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Martin Leong629Liuzhou WarriorT271BREC0---59.81Liuzhou Warrior + Martin LeongNon-meber
607-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Samantha DiCristina656Blazing SpeedP192BREC4---50.43Blazing Speed + Samantha DiCristina
707-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Lucy Friend608Sirocco TooS036LWSC4---55.12Sirocco Too + Lucy Friend
807-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Daniella Lin622Buddy BuddiesM021LWSC4----Buddy Buddies + Daniella Lin
907-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Edgar Fung606DoodleHX105IRC4----Doodle + Edgar Fung
1007-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Joshua Chan450VilasolK303IRC4----Vilasol + Joshua Chan
1107-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Matilda Edwards647Queen of ArendellePX072CEEC8----Queen of Arendelle + Matilda Edwards
1207-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Nicole Cox616Smart PlanetS046CEEC8Smart Planet + Nicole Cox
1307-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Velvet Lung688Rock EmperorHX125LWSC8Rock Emperor + Velvet Lung
1407-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show490cm14Carla Cousins515Happy EagleL347LWSC8Happy Eagle + Carla Cousins
1607-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Vincent Capol627Kingston JumboP283BREC0---75.031st4Kingston Jumbo + Vincent Capol
1707-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Aden Yeung601CarlaHX110BREC0---82.012nd3Carla + Aden Yeung
1907-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Luci Friend608Sirocco TooS036LWSC0---91.824thSirocco Too + Luci Friend
2007-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Amber Khaira523Starlit WarriorM162CEEC4---74.435thStarlit Warrior + Amber Khaira
2107-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Joshua Chan450VilasolK303IRC4---80.15Vilasol + Joshua Chan
2207-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Claudia Wrobel612Real FitP418BREC4---83.13Real Fit + Claudia Wrobel
2307-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Isaac Wong493Fun FasterN191LWSC8---75.61Fun Faster + Isaac Wong
2407-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Carla Cousins515Happy EagleL347LWSC8---82.63Happy Eagle + Carla Cousins
2507-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Daniella Lin622Buddy BuddiesM021LWSCELIM----Buddy Buddies + Daniella Lin
2607-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show5100cm11Edgar Fung606DoodleHX105IRCW/D----Doodle + Edgar Fung
2807-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show6115cm2Vincent Capol630AngelHX116BREC00--55.181st7Angel + Vincent Capol
2907-Sep-19BREC Jumping Show6115cm2Amber Khaira523Starlit WarriorM162CEECW/D----Starlit Warrior + Amber Khaira
3108-Sep-19TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show13100cm2Caroline Holm620GriffindorP153TPRS---65.18Griffindor + Caroline Holm
3521-Sep-19BREC One Day Event790cm4Cecilia Chan498Petit PrinceN049BREC0---78.11Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan
3621-Sep-19BREC One Day Event790cm4Venus Chan555Auspicious StartM396BREC0---81.94Auspicious Start + Venus Chan
3721-Sep-19BREC One Day Event790cm4Ella Sarkis753Sexy JuniorHX122BREC0---82.10Sexy Junior + Ella Sarkis
3921-Sep-19BREC One Day Event8105cm4Vincent Capol627Kingston JumboT271BREC0---63.201st5Kingston Jumbo + Vincent Capol
4021-Sep-19BREC One Day Event8105cm4Aden Yeung601CarlaHX110BREC0---69.85Carla + Aden Yeung
4121-Sep-19BREC One Day Event8105cm4Cecilia Chan498Petit PrinceN049BREC0---87.18Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan
4221-Sep-19BREC One Day Event8105cm4Martin Leong629Liuzhou WarriorT271BREC4-2-95.06Liuzhou Warrior + Martin LeongNon-meber
4428-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Amber Khaira523Starlit WarriorM162CEEC0---38.031st3Starlit Warrior + Amber Khaira
4528-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Edgar Fung606DoodleHX105IRC0---43.652nd2Doodle + Edgar Fung
4628-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Aden Yeung601CarlaHX110BREC0---44.663rd1Carla + Aden Yeung
4728-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Daniella Lin515Happy EagleL347LWSC0---45.844thHappy Eagle + Daniella Lin
4828-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Natasha Lee612Real FitP418BREC0---46.225thReal Fit + Natasha Lee
4928-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Michelle Li579StrathearnS387TPRS0---47.16Strathearn + Michelle Li
5028-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Venus Chan555Auspicious StartM396BREC0---48.00Auspicious Start + Venus Chan
5128-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Martin Leong629Liuzhou WarriorT271BREC0---48.21Liuzhou Warrior + Martin LeongNon-meber
5228-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Beverly Millard511AmedeoK292BREC0---48.28Amedeo + Beverly Millard
5328-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Samantha DiCristina656Blazing SpeedP192BREC0---52.76Blazing Speed + Samantha DiCristina
5428-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Joshua Chan660HarveyHR110TPRS4---42.25Harvey + Joshua Chan
5528-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Julie Bardin636Stunning MadamPX067LWSC4---46.97Stunning Madam + Julie Bardin
5628-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Ella Sarkis753Sexy JuniorHX122BREC4---51.57Sexy Junior + Ella Sarkis
5728-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Vincent Ng516G-one WinningM392TPRS8---41.76G-one Winning + Vincent Ng
5828-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Eva Morton616Smart PlanetS046CEEC8---45.17Smart Planet + Eva Morton
5928-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show495cm16Jack Callan420BenPR192BRECELIM----Ben + Jack Callan
6128-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show5110cm7Edgar Fung664MiltonHR119BREC4---81.151st6Milton + Edgar Fung
6228-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show5110cm7Vincent Capol627Kingston JumboP283BREC4---83.242nd4Kingston Jumbo + Vincent Capol
6328-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show5110cm7Amber Khaira523Starlit WarriorM162CEEC8---70.72Starlit Warrior + Amber Khaira
6428-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show5110cm7Luci Friend608Sirocco TooS036LWSC12---75.98Sirocco Too + Luci Friend
6528-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show5110cm7Michelle Li579StrathearnS387TPRS16---77.49Strathearn + Michelle Li
6628-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show5110cm7Isaac Wong493Fun FasterN191LWSCELIM----Fun Faster + Isaac Wong
6728-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show5110cm7Martin?Leong629Liuzhou?WarriorT271BRECW/D----Liuzhou?Warrior + Martin?Leong
6928-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show6120cm1Nicolas Yu623LeonaHX114LWSCELIM----Leona + Nicolas Yu
7128-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show7130cm1Vincent Capol630AngelHX116BREC4 + 3---89.931st10Angel + Vincent Capol
7329-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Joshua Chan660HarveyHR110TPRS0---33.611st3Harvey + Joshua Chan
7429-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Natasha Lee612Real FitP418BREC0---33.742nd2Real Fit + Natasha Lee
7629-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Martin Leong629Liuzhou WarriorT271BREC0---38.704thLiuzhou Warrior + Martin LeongNon-meber
7729-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Venus Chan555Auspicious StartM396BREC0+8---32.335thAuspicious Start + Venus Chan
7829-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Vincent Ng516G-one WinningM392TPRS4+4---32.55G-one Winning + Vincent Ng
7929-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Anais Chauvin675Good Views DelightT166BREC8+0---33.38Good Views Delight + Anais Chauvin
8029-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Eva Morton616Smart PlanetS046CEEC4+4---35.46Smart Planet + Eva Morton
8129-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Samantha DiCristina656Blazing SpeedP192BREC0+8---38.12Blazing Speed + Samantha DiCristina
8229-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Velvet Lung688Rock EmperorHX125LWSC4+4---41.45Rock Emperor + Velvet Lung
8329-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Kwan Kim Hung673Great Tiger ClawsV360BREC4+12---36.82Great Tiger Claws + Kwan Kim Hung
8429-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm-Amber Khaira (H/C)523Starlit WarriorM162CEEC0---33.59Starlit Warrior + Amber Khaira (H/C)H/C
8529-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Joshua Chan663Slaneyside FlightHR117TPRSELIM----Slaneyside Flight + Joshua Chan
8629-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Jack Callan420BenPR192BRECELIM----Ben + Jack Callan
8729-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show1195cm14Amber Khaira523Starlit WarriorM162CEECELIM----Starlit Warrior + Amber Khaira
9129-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show12110cm8Cecilia Chan498Petit PrinceN049BREC4 + 2---81.67Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan
9229-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show12110cm8Edgar Fung664MiltonHR119BREC4 + 2---83.03Milton + Edgar Fung
9329-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show12110cm8Vincent Capol627Kingston JumboP283BREC8---63.95Kingston Jumbo + Vincent Capol
9429-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show12110cm8Michelle Li579StrathearnS387TPRS12---74.07Strathearn + Michelle Li
9529-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show12110cm8Isaac Wong493Fun FasterN191LWSCELIM----Fun Faster + Isaac Wong
9629-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show12110cm8Martin?Leong629Liuzhou?WarriorT271BRECW/D----Liuzhou?Warrior + Martin?Leong
9829-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show13120cm1Nicolas Yu623LeonaHX114LWSC8 + 4---88.261st8Leona + Nicolas Yu
10029-Sep-19FEI Jumping World Challenge Warm up Show14130cm1Vincent Capol630AngelHX116BREC0---65.211st10Angel + Vincent Capol
1025-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Laurel Cooke746King of HeartsHX124CEEC164--68.85King of Hearts + Laurel Cooke
1035-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Eva Morton616Smart PlanetS046CEEC128--62.62Smart Planet + Eva Morton
1045-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Samantha DiCristina656Blazing SpeedP192BREC128--69.23Blazing Speed + Samantha DiCristina
1055-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Ella Sarkis753Sexy JuniorHX122BREC4+30--71.04Sexy Junior + Ella Sarkis
1065-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Venus Chan555Auspicious StartM396BREC40--65.75Auspicious Start + Venus Chan
1075-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Natasha Lee612Real FitP418BREC40--61.725thReal Fit + Natasha Lee
1085-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Daniella Lin515Happy EagleL347LWSC44--64.75Happy Eagle + Daniella Lin
1095-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Matilda Edwards647Queen of ArendellePX072CEEC012--62.73Queen of Arendelle + Matilda Edwards
1105-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Jack Callan420BenPR192BREC0E---Ben + Jack Callan
1115-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Julie Bardin636Stunning MadamPX067LWSC04--55.344thStunning Madam + Julie Bardin
1125-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Martin Leong629Liuzhou WarriorT271BREC00--68.163rdLiuzhou Warrior + Martin Leong
1145-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition790cm13Eva Morton340All ChancesE241BREC00--61.171st2All Chances + Eva Morton
1176-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Nicolas Yu623LeonaHX114LWSC0---25.901st3Leona + Nicolas Yu
1186-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Vincent Capol627Kingston JumboP283BREC0---28.752nd2Kingston Jumbo + Vincent Capol
1196-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Venus Chan555Auspicious StartM396BREC0---30.065thAuspicious Start + Venus Chan
1206-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Matilda Edwards647Queen of ArendellePX072CEEC8+0---32.16Queen of Arendelle + Matilda Edwards
1216-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Eva Morton616Smart PlanetS046CEEC8+4---31.20Smart Planet + Eva Morton
1226-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Poppy Higgins562JasmineHR109BRECW/D---Jasmine + Poppy Higgins
1236-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Jack Callan420BenPR192BRECE---Ben + Jack Callan
1246-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Samantha DiCristina656Blazing SpeedP192BREC4+4---41.93Blazing Speed + Samantha DiCristina
12506-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Martin Leong629Liuzhou WarriorT271BREC0---29.384thLiuzhou Warrior + Martin LeongNon-meber
1266-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Natasha Lee612Real FitP418BREC0+4---30.50Real Fit + Natasha Lee
1276-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Ella Sarkis753Sexy JuniorHX122BREC4+0---33.33Sexy Junior + Ella Sarkis
1286-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Nicole Cox746King of HeartsHX124CEEC8+4---35.32King of Hearts + Nicole Cox
1296-Oct-19HKEF Local Jumping Competition1195cm13Eva Morton340All ChancesE241BREC0+0---29.053rd1All Chances + Eva Morton
1346-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.1110cm8Luci Friend608Sirocco TooS036LWSC84--67.6Sirocco Too + Luci Friend
1356-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.1110cm8Isaac Wong493Fun FasterN191LWSC88+1--79.19Fun Faster + Isaac Wong
1366-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.1110cm8Michelle Li579StrathearnS387TMPRS128--66.21Strathearn + Michelle Li
1376-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.1110cm8Owen Wong728Mr BeanHX127LWSC20+14--67.41Mr Bean + Owen Wong
1386-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.1110cm8Amber Khaira523Starlit WarriorM162CEEC168+3--86.53Starlit Warrior + Amber Khaira
1406-Oct-19FEI Jumping World Challenge 2019 - 2nd Compt.2120cm1Nicolas Yu623LeonaHX114LWSCE----Leona + Nicolas Yu
14412-Oct-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Eva Morton340All ChancesE241BREC0---63.801st2All Chances + Eva Morton
14512-Oct-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Natasha Lee612Real FitP418BREC0---65.11Real Fit + Natasha Lee
14612-Oct-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Ella Sarkis753Sexy JuniorHX122BREC0---70.10Sexy Junior + Ella Sarkis
14712-Oct-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Samantha DiCristina656Blazing SpeedP192BREC0---71.01Blazing Speed + Samantha DiCristina
14812-Oct-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Fabiola Chong566Telecom SupremoM328BREC0---ElimTelecom Supremo + Fabiola Chong
15012-Oct-19BREC One Day Event8105cm5Aden Yeung601CarlaHX110BREC4---68.671st5Carla + Aden Yeung
15112-Oct-19BREC One Day Event8105cm5Vincent Capol627Kingston JumboP283BREC8---64.582nd3Kingston Jumbo + Vincent Capol
15212-Oct-19BREC One Day Event8105cm5Martin Leong629Liuzhou WarriorT271BREC8---71.18Liuzhou Warrior + Martin LeongNon-meber
15312-Oct-19BREC One Day Event8105cm5Nicolas Yu623LeonaHX114LWSCELIM---ElimLeona + Nicolas Yu
15412-Oct-19BREC One Day Event8105cm5Samantha DiCristina656Blazing SpeedP192BRECRTD---RTDBlazing Speed + Samantha DiCristina
15613-Oct-19TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show1490cm2Joshua Chan660HarveyHR110TMPRS0---59.411st2Harvey + Joshua Chan
15713-Oct-19TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show1490cm2Joyee Chow720FlightHR117TMPRSW/DFlight + Joyee Chow
15913-Oct-19TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show15100cm3Edgar Fung606DoodleHX105TMPRS4---85.23Doodle + Edgar Fung
16113-Oct-19TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show15100cm3Michelle Li579StrathearnS387TMPRS0---73.02Strathearn + Michelle Li
1642-Nov-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Matilda Edwards616Smart PlanetS046CEEC8---62.59Smart Planet + Matilda Edwards
1652-Nov-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Katherine Law562JasmineHR109BREC12---66.51Jasmine + Katherine Law
1662-Nov-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Matilda Edwards523Starlit WarriorM162CEECW/D---Starlit Warrior + Matilda Edwards
1672-Nov-19BREC One Day Event790cm5Joshua Chan663Slaneyside FlightHR117TPRSW/D---Slaneyside Flight + Joshua Chan
1702-Nov-19BREC One Day Event8105cm4Martin Leong629Liuzhou WarriorT271BREC0---69.69Liuzhou Warrior + Martin Leong
1712-Nov-19BREC One Day Event8105cm4Vincent Capol627Kingston JumboP283BREC4---59.50Kingston Jumbo + Vincent Capol
1722-Nov-19BREC One Day Event8105cm4Edgar Fung606DoodleHX105IRC8---74.90Doodle + Edgar Fung
1743-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show590cm9Eva Morton340All ChancesE241BREC----66.901st2All Chances + Eva Morton
1763-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show590cm9Bryan Lam555Auspicious StartM396BREC----69.863rdAuspicious Start + Bryan Lam
1773-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show590cm9Kwan Kim Hung673Great Tiger ClawsV360BREC----75.27Great Tiger Claws + Kwan Kim Hung
1783-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show590cm9Laurel Cooke506Secret of WinningK205CEEC----75.90Secret of Winning + Laurel Cooke
1793-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show590cm9Nicolas Yu623LeonaHX114LWSC----63.66Leona + Nicolas Yu
1803-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show590cm9Martin Leong629Liuzhou WarriorT271BREC----72.44Liuzhou Warrior + Martin Leong
1813-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show590cm9Matilda Edwards616Smart PlanetS046CEEC----75.63Smart Planet + Matilda Edwards
1823-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show590cm9Ella Sarkis753Sexy JuniorHX122BREC----73.49Sexy Junior + Ella Sarkis
1873-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Bryan Lam555Auspicious StartM396BREC4---76.21Auspicious Start + Bryan Lam
1883-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Edgar Fung606DoodleHX105IRC4---88.91Doodle + Edgar Fung
1893-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Annabel Dyson469KoenigsbergL268LWSC8---Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
1903-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Matilda Edwards616Smart PlanetS046CEEC12---Smart Planet + Matilda Edwards
1913-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Cecilia Chan498Petit PrinceN049BREC8 + 1---Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan
1923-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Amber Khaira523Starlit WarriorM162CEECELIM---Starlit Warrior + Amber Khaira
3-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show6100cm10Joshua?Chan663Slaneyside?FlightHR117TPRSW/D---Slaneyside?Flight + Joshua?Chan
3-Nov-19BREC Jumping Show7110cm1Amber?Khaira523Starlit?WarriorM162CEECW/D---Starlit?Warrior + Amber?Khaira