Accumulated Points for Horse of the Year 2018-2019 - Jumping

Jumping Horse of Year Calculation Method


BREC = Beas River Equestrian Centre

CEEC = Clearwater Bay Education and Equestrian Centre

LYMPRS = Lei Yue Mun Public Riding School

LWSC = Lo Wu Saddle Club

IRC = International Riding Centre

PFLPRS = Pokfulam Public Riding School

TMPRS = Tuen Mun Public Riding School

(Results as of 19 Jan 2019

HOYs Jumping Ranking

No. of Entry
12613-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show12Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC120cm30--25.671st7Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas551st
9315-Dec-18BREC Jumping Show6AngelVincent CapolBREC120cm24--40.381st7Angel + Vincent Capol292nd
12013-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show11Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC110cm94--34.760Polymer Power + Aden Yeung273rd
1046-Jan-19Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show13World SeriesMichelle LiTMPRS100cm5-4-51.722nd3World Series + Michelle Li194th
11813-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show11KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm94--32.192nd5Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson125th
1036-Jan-19Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show13Quick MoneyNatalie WalkerTMPRS100cm5-4-48.771st5Quick Money + Natalie Walker106th
9516-Dec-18BREC One Day Event7AmedeoRebecca MillardBREC100cm50--75.171st5Amedeo + Rebecca Millard9
10612-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show5All ChancesNatasha LeeBREC110cm90--40.552nd5All Chances + Natasha Lee8
12813-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show12Indio GirlNatasha LeeBREC120cm3W/D--0Indio Girl + Natasha Lee8
7924-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Final CompetitionExcellent AmieEdgar FungBREC120cm1400-63.222nd6Excellent Amie + Edgar Fung6
11713-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show11LeonaNicolas YuLWSC110cm90--37.171st6Leona + Nicolas Yu6
2430-Sep-18BREC One Day Event7Petit PrinceCecilia ChanBREC100cm400-70.151st5Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan5
5918-Nov-18BREC One Day Event7Quick MoneyBryan LamTMPRS100cm70--63.601st5Quick Money + Bryan Lam5
1006-Jan-19Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show13StrathearnMichelle LiTMPRS100cm5-8-60.08-0Strathearn + Michelle Li5
12919-Jan-19BREC One Day Event7Kingston JumboAden YeungBREC100cm70--70.231st5Kingston Jumbo + Aden Yeung5
8224-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Final CompetitionBentleyNicolas YuLWSC120cm14110-87.016th0Bentley + Nicolas Yu4
13019-Jan-19BREC One Day Event7Real FitClaudia WrobelBREC100cm70--20.252nd3Real Fit + Claudia Wrobel3
12-Sep-18TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show12StrathearnMichelle LiTMPRS100cm2-4-64.461st5Strathearn + Michelle Li
22-Sep-18TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show12World SeriesMichelle LiTMPRS100cm2-4-65.28-0World Series + Michelle Li
322-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC105cm900-32.791st5Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
422-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC105cm940-40.892nd4Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
522-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5All ChancesNatasha LeeBREC105cm980-40.513rd3All Chances + Natasha Lee
622-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5Charlie VictorChristian AllderidgeLWSC105cm980-41.944th0Charlie Victor + Christian Allderidge
722-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5Par ExcellenceTara ClementsBREC105cm9121-51.135th0Par Excellence + Tara Clements
822-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5BentleyNicolas YuLWSC105cm9Elim----0Bentley + Nicolas Yu
922-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5LansburyBilly TamBREC105cm980---0Lansbury + Billy Tam
1022-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC105cm980---0Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
1122-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5Chariots of FireDennis CassidyBREC105cm9Elim----0Chariots of Fire + Dennis Cassidy
1222-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show6Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC115cm400-42.771st6Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
1322-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show6AngelVincent CapolBREC115cm400-49.02-0Angel + Vincent Capol
1422-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show6Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC115cm4164-54.28-0Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
1522-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show6BentleyNicolas YuLWSC115cm4Elim0---0Bentley + Nicolas Yu
1629-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC105cm500-66.351st5Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
1729-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC105cm540-66.282nd3Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
1829-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC105cm540-75.153rd0Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
1929-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5Charlie VictorChristian AllderidgeLWSC105cm540-84.17-0Charlie Victor + Christian Allderidge
2029-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show5StrathearnMichelle LiTPRS105cm5160-74.36-0Strathearn + Michelle Li
2129-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show6Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC120cm300-34.451st7Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
2229-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show6AngelVincent CapolBREC120cm340-44.74-0Angel + Vincent Capol
2329-Sep-18BREC Jumping Show6All ChancesEdgar FungBREC120cm3120-40.60-0All Chances + Edgar Fung
2530-Sep-18BREC One Day Event7All ChancesEdgar FungBREC100cm400-74.682nd0All Chances + Edgar Fung
2630-Sep-18BREC One Day Event7Auspicious StartClaudia WrobelBREC100cm440-74.08-0Auspicious Start + Claudia Wrobel
2730-Sep-18BREC One Day Event7LansburyBilly TamBREC100cm480-72.71-0Lansbury + Billy Tam
287-Oct-18Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show12World SeriesMichelle LiTMPRS100cm204-74.331st5World Series + Michelle Li
297-Oct-18Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show12StrathearnMichelle LiTMPRS100cm200-79.97-0Strathearn + Michelle Li
3021-Oct-18HKEF Local Jumping Competition10All ChancesNatasha LeeBREC110cm180-62.82-0All Chances + Natasha Lee
3121-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat C - 3rd Competition1Starlit WarriorAmber KhiaraCEEC110cm9Elim0Starlit Warrior + Amber Khiara
3221-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat C - 3rd Competition1Noble DefeaterBianca GarciaCEEC110cm9281-68.22-0Noble Defeater + Bianca Garcia
3321-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat C - 3rd Competition1Petit PrinceCecilia ChanBREC110cm9324-80.26-0Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan
3421-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat C - 3rd Competition1Happy EagleCarla CousinsLWSC110cm9Elim0---0Happy Eagle + Carla Cousins
3521-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat C - 3rd Competition1Charlie VictorChristian AllderidgeLWSC110cm9250-70.63-0Charlie Victor + Christian Allderidge
3621-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat C - 3rd Competition1KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm9200-62.223rd4Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
3721-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat C - 3rd Competition1World SeriesMichelle LiTMPRS110cm980-65.51st6World Series + Michelle Li
3821-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat C - 3rd Competition1Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC110cm9121-67.472nd5Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
3921-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat C - 3rd Competition1Auspicious StartClaudia WrobelBREC110cm9242-71.87-0Auspicious Start + Claudia Wrobel
4021-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat A - 3rd Competition3Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC130cm2200-57.97-0Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
4121-Oct-18FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat A - 3rd Competition3AngelVincent CapolBREC130cm2120-58.691st8Angel + Vincent Capol
424-Nov-18TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show13StrathearnMichelle LiTMPRS100cm38--86.43-0Strathearn + Michelle Li
434-Nov-18TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show13Quick MoneyBryan LamTMPRS100cm30--69.78-0Quick Money + Bryan Lam
444-Nov-18TMPRS Dressage & Jumping Show13World SeriesMichelle LiTMPRS100cm34--65.861st5World Series + Michelle Li
4517-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC110cm100--39.621st6Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
4617-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC110cm100--48.712nd5Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
4717-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5BentleyNicolas YuLWSC110cm104---3rd4Bentley + Nicolas Yu
4817-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5Petit PrinceCecilia ChanBREC110cm108---4th0Petit Prince + Cecilia Chan
4917-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5Sirocco TooChristian AllderidgeLWSC110cm108----0Sirocco Too + Christian Allderidge
5017-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5AmedeoBeverly MillardBREC110cm1012----0Amedeo + Beverly Millard
5117-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm1012----0Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
5217-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5Charlie VictorChristian AllderidgeLWSC110cm1020----0Charlie Victor + Christian Allderidge
5317-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5All ChancesEdgar FungBREC110cm10Elim----0All Chances + Edgar Fung
5417-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show5Auspicious StartClaudia WrobelBREC110cm10Elim----0Auspicious Start + Claudia Wrobel
5517-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show6AngelVincent CapolBREC120cm40--25.311st7Angel + Vincent Capol
5617-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show6Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC120cm48--20.87-0Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
5717-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show6Charlie VictorChristian AllderidgeLWSC120cm4Elim----0Charlie Victor + Christian Allderidge
5817-Nov-18BREC Jumping Show6KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC120cm4W/D----0Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
6018-Nov-18BREC One Day Event7Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC100cm70--77.452nd0Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
6118-Nov-18BREC One Day Event7Starlit WarriorNicole CoxCEEC100cm74--66.05-0Starlit Warrior + Nicole Cox
6218-Nov-18BREC One Day Event7Auspicious StartClaudia WrobelBREC100cm712--63.98-0Auspicious Start + Claudia Wrobel
6318-Nov-18BREC One Day Event7All ChancesEdgar FungBREC100cm7W/D----0All Chances + Edgar Fung
6418-Nov-18BREC One Day Event7Excellent AmiePaul ConnorBREC100cm7W/D----0Excellent Amie + Paul Connor
6518-Nov-18BREC One Day Event7Milton Van De NoordheuvelPaul ConnorBREC100cm7W/D----0Milton Van De Noordheuvel + Paul Connor
6624-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Warm Up CompetitionMilton Van De NoordheuvelBryan LamBREC110cm1441-77.54-0Milton Van De Noordheuvel + Bryan Lam
6724-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Warm Up CompetitionEmerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC110cm1400-62.261st6Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
6824-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Warm Up CompetitionExcellent AmieEdgar FungBREC110cm14RTD----0Excellent Amie + Edgar Fung
6924-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Warm Up CompetitionAuspicious StartClaudia WrobelBREC110cm14RTD----0Auspicious Start + Claudia Wrobel
7024-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Warm Up CompetitionKoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm1400-72.315th0Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
7124-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Warm Up CompetitionAll ChancesNatasha LeeBREC110cm14RTD----0All Chances + Natasha Lee
7224-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Warm Up CompetitionNoble DefeaterBianca GarciaCEEC110cm1441-76.686th0Noble Defeater + Bianca Garcia
7324-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Warm Up CompetitionBentleyNicolas YuLWSC110cm14W/D----0Bentley + Nicolas Yu
7424-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Warm Up CompetitionAngelVincent CapolBREC110cm14W/D----0Angel + Vincent Capol
7524-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Final CompetitionAuspicious StartClaudia WrobelBREC120cm14240-65.05-0Auspicious Start + Claudia Wrobel
7624-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Final CompetitionKoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC120cm14200-69.150Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
7724-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Final CompetitionEmerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC120cm144--55.224th0Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
7824-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Final CompetitionMilton Van De NoordheuvelBryan LamBREC120cm1440-66.435th0Milton Van De Noordheuvel + Bryan Lam
8024-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Final CompetitionAll ChancesNatasha LeeBREC120cm14Elim----0All Chances + Natasha Lee
8124-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Final CompetitionAngelVincent CapolBREC120cm140--60.141st7Angel + Vincent Capol
8324-Nov-18CSIJ Hong Kong 2018Final CompetitionNoble DefeaterBianca GarciaCEEC120cm14Elim----0Noble Defeater + Bianca Garcia
842-Dec-18Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show13World SeriesMichelle LiTMPRS100cm44--75.06-0World Series + Michelle Li
852-Dec-18Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show13Peaceful MissionIvy IpTMPRS100cm44--73.33-0Peaceful Mission + Ivy Ip
862-Dec-18Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show13FlightBryan LamTMPRS100cm40--65.75-0Flight + Bryan Lam
872-Dec-18Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show13Quick MoneyNatalie WalkerTMPRS100cm44--57.861st5Quick Money + Natalie Walker
8815-Dec-18BREC Jumping Show5Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC110cm54--42.031st6Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
8915-Dec-18BREC Jumping Show5AmedeoRebecca MillardBREC110cm58--43.232nd4Amedeo + Rebecca Millard
9015-Dec-18BREC Jumping Show5LeonaNicolas YuLWSC110cm54----0Leona + Nicolas Yu
9115-Dec-18BREC Jumping Show5KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm512----0Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
9215-Dec-18BREC Jumping Show5All ChancesNatasha LeeBREC110cm512+6----0All Chances + Natasha Lee
9415-Dec-18BREC Jumping Show6Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC120cm28--34.28-0Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
9616-Dec-18BREC One Day Event7Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC100cm50--89.432nd3Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
9716-Dec-18BREC One Day Event7Indio GirlNatasha LeeBREC100cm50--90.62-0Indio Girl + Natasha Lee
9816-Dec-18BREC One Day Event7Giants SerapisJoanne LeeBREC100cm54--86.87-0Giants Serapis + Joanne Lee
9916-Dec-18BREC One Day Event7Kingston JumboVincent CapolBREC100cm5Elim----0Kingston Jumbo + Vincent Capol
1016-Jan-19Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show13FlightEdgar FungTMPRS100cm5-0-52.45-0Flight + Edgar Fung
1026-Jan-19Tuen Mun Dressage & Jumping Show13Peaceful MissionIvy IpTMPRS100cm5-8-64.46-0Peaceful Mission + Ivy Ip
10512-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show5Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC110cm90--33.031st6Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
10712-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show5Indio GirlNatasha LeeBREC110cm94--3rd4Indio Girl + Natasha Lee
10812-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show5Polymer PowerAden YeungBREC110cm94--3rd4Polymer Power + Aden Yeung
10912-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show5KoenigsbergAnnabel DysonLWSC110cm98--0Koenigsberg + Annabel Dyson
11012-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show5BentleyNicolas YuLWSC110cm912--0Bentley + Nicolas Yu
11112-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show5Sirocco TooLuci FriendLWSC110cm916--0Sirocco Too + Luci Friend
11212-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show5Noble DefeaterBianca GarciaCEEC110cm9Elim--0Noble Defeater + Bianca Garcia
11312-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show5Happy EagleCarla CousinsLWSC110cm9Elim--0Happy Eagle + Carla Cousins
11412-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show6Emerald ButterflyGabby ThomasLWSC120cm30--29.571st7Emerald Butterfly + Gabby Thomas
11512-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show6AngelVincent CapolBREC120cm34--34.210Angel + Vincent Capol
11612-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show6BentleyNicolas YuLWSC120cm320+1--31.330Bentley + Nicolas Yu
11913-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show11Indio GirlNatasha LeeBREC110cm94--33.503rd4Indio Girl + Natasha Lee
12113-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show11Starlit WarriorNoemi DoerferBREC110cm98--37.430Starlit Warrior + Noemi Doerfer
12213-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show11Charlie VictorChristian AllderidgeLWSC110cm912--43.210Charlie Victor + Christian Allderidge
12313-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show11Auspicious StartNathaniel ChanBREC110cm920--38.260Auspicious Start + Nathaniel Chan
12413-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show11Noble DefeaterBianca GarciaCEEC110cm9Elim---0Noble Defeater + Bianca Garcia
12513-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show11HopeZoe KoerberLWSC110cm9W/D---0Hope + Zoe Koerber
12713-Jan-19BREC Jumping Show12AngelVincent CapolBREC120cm30--28.700Angel + Vincent Capol
13119-Jan-19BREC One Day Event7Indio GirlNatasha LeeBREC100cm70--71.560Indio Girl + Natasha Lee
13219-Jan-19BREC One Day Event7Milton Van De NoordheuvelEdgar FungBREC100cm70--81.670Milton Van De Noordheuvel + Edgar Fung
13319-Jan-19BREC One Day Event7KoenigsbergChristina DysonLWSC100cm78--59.670Koenigsberg + Christina Dyson
13419-Jan-19BREC One Day Event7Quick MoneyNatalie WalkerTMPRS100cm78--61.440Quick Money + Natalie Walker
13519-Jan-19BREC One Day Event7Giants SerapisJoanne LeeBREC100cm716--83.450Giants Serapis + Joanne Lee