Selection Criteria

Selection Mechanism for Hong Kong Team and Riders

Step 1: Information regarding each competition will be posted on the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation (HKEF) website and will include a deadline for athletes to express interest in being considered for selection.

Step 2: Training and Selection Sub-Committee (TSSC) to review the list of eligible riders who have expressed an interest in being considered for selection.

Step 3: TSSC to consider whether qualifiers are necessary for the relevant competition.

Step 4: If qualifiers are necessary, they will be carried out as close to the event date as possible but at a date that meets the entry deadline set out by the event organizer. Eligible athletes who have expressed interest in being selected will be notified of the dates for such qualifiers.

Step 5: After selection, TSSC’s recommendations for the Hong Kong team will be submitted to the Executive Committee for endorsement.

Selection Criteria (Hong Kong Team and Riders)

The selection criteria for athletes may include the following:

  • Current international and Hong Kong ranking
  • Current form of rider and/ or horse
  • Rider’s past achievements in the discipline
  • Discipline, attitude and commitment
  • Long term benefit to the growth of equestrian sport
  • Available budget

TSSC may decide further selection criteria for each competition which will be notified to athletes.

Appeal Mechanism (Hong Kong Team and Riders)

Athletes who disagree with the selection results of the selection process may appeal to the President. The President of HKEF may, at his discretion, form a Special Panel to handle the appeal. The decision of the President and/ or that of the Special Panel shall be final.