As the biggest multi-sport games after the Olympic Games, the Asian Games is the most prestigious event organized by the Olympic Council of Asia, with the 18th edition to be held in Jakarta-Palembang in 2018.

Two areas of Asian Games 2018 Jakarta-Palembang implementation, field of achievement and infrastructure will be the focus of working visit Chairman of the Asian Games 2018 Steering Committee, Jusuf Kalla, Tuesday (3/10/2017). During the four-hour scheduled visit, the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia reviewed the badminton court in Cipayung, Pencak Silat at Pencak Silat, TMII, and archery at Senayan.

After closely watching the training of the national athletes, JK will also monitor the development of the arena of the game in the area of Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), Senayan. In the sports complex built to host the 1962 Asian Games, JK will attend the GBK Main Stadium, Istora, archery field, hockey, baseball and three ABC training ground.

In relation to the current situation, the working visit is important to ensure that programs related to areas of achievement and infrastructure work well. As is known, in the field of achievement, Indonesia targets achievement of 20-22 gold medals in order to secure the top 10 Asia rankings in the Asian Games 2018.

While in the infrastructure sector, according to the agenda of the Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing (PUPR), the majority of the 14 venues in the area of GBK are ready to be handed over within three months.

“While it is related to the organization under our responsibility at INASGOC, last week, I have reported directly to the Chairman of the Steering Committee. Whether it’s about the 40 branches that will be competed in next year’s Asian Games, sponsorship progress, to negotiating a new deal in host city contract (HCC) between us and OCA” said Erick Thohir, Chairman of the 2018 Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC), Wednesday.

According to Erick, at a meeting at the Vice President’s Office, Medan Merdeka Utara, on Thursday (28/9), JK understood the basic decisions taken by OCA regarding the 40 branch offices in the 2018 Asian Games. As for the new agreement with OCA in HCC, the use of funds from sponsors, JK gave his support.

“In the old HCC, all the sponsorship funds coming to the new OCA will be released after the opening of the Asian Games on August 18, 2018. Now with the new HCC contract, funds from the 2018 Asian Games sponsors can be directly used by INASGOC, BLU). As a unit of work, INASGOC should not accept acceptance, while we need to. Therefore, BLU is used.” Erick continued.

THE 18th ASIAN GAMES Jakarta 2018

Opening Ceremony: 18 Aug 2018


Closing Ceremony: 02 Sep 2018


Host City: Jakarta

Country: Indonesia

Nations Participating: 45

Official website for the 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018:

Official website for Equestrianism in the 18th Asian Games:

Equestrian was first contested at the Asian Games IX New Delhi in 1982. This sport requires speed, but the ability to control the horse. In general, there are 6 categories to compete: individual matches, team matches, individual trilos, team trumps, individual hurdles and team hurdle jumps. If at all possible, the problem is also contested by the individual and team endurance numbers. Japan and South Korea.

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Guidelines for Potential Competitors at the 18th Asian Games Jakarta 2018

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