Higher Division Winning Teams


The HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge

The HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge is currently the largest equestrian competition for youth in Hong Kong. From its humble beginnings with 12 riders from 3 schools in 2007, the competition has grown into today’s field of almost 140 riders from over 25 schools. It gives Hong Kong students a chance to represent their schools in equestrian competitions and encourages them to improve their riding skills alongside their team members and peers.

In the competition, riders will compete on drawn horses in dressage and showjumping for individual and team prizes. Riders may, depending on age, enter either the higher division or the lower division. Riders aged 10-14 qualify for the lower division, and will be required to complete a preliminary dressage test and jump a course of up to 50 cm. Riders aged 12-16, are eligible for the higher division, in which they will complete a preliminary dressage test and jump a course of up to 80 cm. To enter the final, all riders have to form a team of 3 or 4 riders to represent their schools.

In both the higher and lower division, heats will be held to determine which teams are eligible for the final. In the heats, the scores of the top three riders in each team will count towards the team score. The four teams with the highest team scores will qualify for the final, and the team with the highest score in the final will be the winner. The individual prizes will be awarded to the top six and five riders in each discipline, based on their individual scores, in the heats and in the final respectively.

In 2018 -2019 competition, heats for the higher division will be held at Tuen Mun Public Riding School (TMPRS), whilst the heats for the lower division and the finals for both divisions will be held at Lo Wu Saddle Club (LWSC). The first lower division heat will take place on 1 March (Friday) at Lo Wu Saddle Club.

The winning team in higher division will stand a chance to win a week’s training at Ingestre Stables, UK. The Ann Baron Memorial Cup will be awarded to the winning lower division team, who will also receive training in Hong Kong from the renowned English dressage rider, Tim Downes FBHS in November.