Introduction to the Horse of the Year Show

The Hong Kong Equestrian Federation’s (HKEF) annual Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) is the highlight of the competition season in Hong Kong and at the same time marks its end. Three titles are awarded, namely, the Dressage Horse of the Year, the Jumping Horse of the Year and the Eventing Horse of the year. Each of these titles honours the best horses of the season in the relevant category and is hotly contested by riders.

Competition Format

The Horse of the Year Show culminates with the awards for the Jumping Horse of the Year.

Jumping started in the early 1800s and is still the most popular equestrian event. In this sport, a combination of horse and rider tackles a course of colored jumps including a variety of fences and riding challenges. Depending on the standard of the class and its rules, a jump-off may take place to determine the winner. The jump-off course may be shortened with fences raised, and or against the o’clock. A second jump-off may take place in certain cases.



End of Season Awards

To recognize the outstanding achievements of horses and riders during the competition season, the HKEF gives out the following seven annual End of Season Awards.

Grimshaw Plate

This is awarded to the winner of the top class in Jumping at the Horse of the Year Show. The Grimshaw Plate was named after the founder of the Hong Kong Horse Society and the first manager of Beas River, the late Major A. Grimshaw.

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