Introduction to the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation

The Hong Kong Equestrian Federation (HKEF) was founded on 27th August, 1973 and is dedicated to the promotion of Equestrian sports. As a member of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, Federation Equestre Internationale (F.E.I.) and Asian Equestrian Federation, the HKEF is the official body representing Equestrian sports in Hong Kong at a national and international level.

The HKEF is dedicated to the furtherance of equestrian sports and welfare in the Hong Kong.

As a member of F.E.I., we are responsible for holding international equestrian competitions in Hong Kong. Every year, the HKEF, in conjunction with the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), is pleased to host a series of international competitions including:

  • The F.E.I. World Jumping Challenge
  • The F.E.I. World Dressage Challenge
  • The F.E.I. World Children’s Jumping Competition

The HKEF co-operates closely with the HKJC in all matters related to equestrian sports including the organization of regular local competitions in jumping, dressage and eventing.

The HKEF is dedicated to providing guidance, funding and opportunities to Hong Kong riders to train and improve and, for those who have the interest and ability, to compete at international level.

Every four years the HKEF organizes the Hong Kong participation in the equestrian events of the Asian games. At various games we have competed in jumping, dressage, and eventing against the best that Asia has to offer. The HKEF also organizes Hong Kong’s participation in the equestrian events at the Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games.

Through its judges’ training and accreditation programmes, the HKEF provides the essential backbone of Rules and Officials for our competitive sport.

Although it is a geographically small, crowded region, Hong Kong has an amazing range of equestrian facilities both private and public. The HKEF is pleased to have the honour of representing them all within Hong Kong and to the international equestrian community.