Accumulated Points for Horse of the Year 2020-2021 - Eventing


HKEF Eventing Rules

BREC = Beas River Equestrian Centre

CEEC = Clearwater Bay Education and Equestrian Centre

LYMPRS = Lei Yue Mun Public Riding School

LWSC = Lo Wu Saddle Club

IRC = International Riding Centre

PFLPRS = Pokfulam Public Riding School

TMPRS = Tuen Mun Public Riding School

HOYs Eventing Ranking

Height Level
No. of Entry
Bridle No
Horse No
Time Penalties
XC Penatlties
Total Penalties
7214-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 20191105cm8Gary Johnston598BentleyHX091LWSC31.5400035.52nd10Bentley + Gary Johnston
402-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Owen Wong728Mr BeanHX127LWSC35.90001247.91st11Mr Bean + Owen Wong
6330-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Luci Friend608Sirocco TooS036LWSC36.900010.447.33rd9Sirocco Too + Luci Friend
8814-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Anais Chauvin675Good View DelightsT166BREC29.9400033.91st7Good View Delights + Anais Chauvin
7114-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 20191105cm8Christian Allderidge648Emerald ButterflyHX115LWSC33000033.01st11Emerald Butterfly + Christian Allderidge
1712-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Julie Bardin636Stunning MadamPX067LWSC37.4400041.42nd6Stunning Madam + Julie Bardin
5130-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Velvet Lung688Rock EmperorHX125LWSC32.2800040.22nd6Rock Emperor + Velvet Lung
9014-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Daniella Lin644HopePX069LWSC34.1000539.13rd5Hope + Daniella Lin
721-Sep-19BREC One Day Event3105cm8Gary Johnston728Mr BeanHX127LWSC34.100016.850.91st11Mr Bean + Gary Johnston
2912-Oct-19BREC One Day Event3105cm1Sarah Corner576Noble DefeaterN232CEEC36.8880030.875.61st11Noble Defeater + Sarah Corner
821-Sep-19BREC One Day Event3105cm8Isaac Wong493Fun FasterN191LWSC37.440011.653.02nd10Fun Faster + Isaac Wong
6230-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Wong Chi Lung280Quick MoneyJ246TPRS35.70008.444.12nd10Quick Money + Wong Chi Lung
921-Sep-19BREC One Day Event3105cm8Christian Allderidge515Happy EagleL347LWSC40.20001858.23rd9Happy Eagle + Christian Allderidge
7314-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 20191105cm8Christian Allderidge688Rock EmperorHX125LWSC34.401.20035.63rd9Rock Emperor + Christian Allderidge
8914-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Momo Lam586Top PowerM272TMPRS37.6000037.62nd6Top Power + Momo Lam
1812-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Tang Mei Shuen280Quick MoneyJ246LWSC36.10005.641.73rd5Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
332-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm8Mo Mo Lam632Supreme EssenceN401TPRS34.1800042.13rd5Supreme Essence + Mo Mo Lam
5230-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Ann Kwok500Friends SupportL375TPRS39.4400043.43rd5Friends Support + Ann Kwok
8014-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019280cm7Matilda Edwards647Queen of ArendellePX072CEEC420003.245.21st5Queen of Arendelle + Matilda Edwards
8114-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019280cm7Eva Morton752Joyful ParkS382BREC388000.446.42nd4Joyful Park + Eva Morton
8214-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019280cm7Jade Leshetz669PinkPR232TMPRS404003.247.23rd3Pink + Jade Leshetz
121-Sep-19BREC One Day Event290cm5Julie Bardin636Stunning MadamPX067LWSC36.5000238.51st7Stunning Madam + Julie Bardin
221-Sep-19BREC One Day Event290cm5Anais Chauvin675Good View DelightsT166BREC35.70008.444.12nd5Good View Delights + Anais Chauvin
321-Sep-19BREC One Day Event290cm5Matilda Edwards647Queen of ArendellePX072CEEC43.94001.649.5Queen of Arendelle + Matilda Edwards
421-Sep-19BREC One Day Event290cm5Caroline Holm620GriffindorP153TPRS31.540014.449.9Griffindor + Caroline Holm
521-Sep-19BREC One Day Event290cm5Tang Mei Shuen280Quick MoneyJ246TPRS39.900W/DQuick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
1021-Sep-19BREC One Day Event3105cm8Gary Johnston598BentleyHX091LWSC32.340022.859.1Bentley + Gary Johnston
1121-Sep-19BREC One Day Event3105cm8Christian Allderidge688Rock EmperorHX125LWSC28160015.259.2Rock Emperor + Christian Allderidge
1221-Sep-19BREC One Day Event3105cm8Luci Friend608Sirocco TooS036LWSC31.618003079.6Sirocco Too + Luci Friend
1321-Sep-19BREC One Day Event3105cm8Sarah Corner576Noble DefeaterN232CEEC3440ELIMNoble Defeater + Sarah Corner
1421-Sep-19BREC One Day Event3105cm8Nicole Cox616Smart PlanetS046CEEC36.6120ELIMSmart Planet + Nicole Cox
1612-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Owen Wong728Mr BeanHX127CEEC37.40000.437.81st7Mr Bean + Owen Wong
1912-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Velvet Lung688Rock EmperorHX125TPRS33.74004.842.54thRock Emperor + Velvet Lung
2012-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Anais Chauvin675Good View DelightsT166LWSC344005.643.65thGood View Delights + Anais Chauvin
2112-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Nicole Cox616Smart PlanetS046TPRS37.140013.654.7Smart Planet + Nicole Cox
2212-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Mo Mo Lam632Supreme EssenceN401G£á£áG40.24001458.2Supreme Essence + Mo Mo Lam
2312-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Ann Kwok500Friends SupportL375TPRS37120201887.0Friends Support + Ann Kwok
2412-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Daniella Lin5 15Happy EagleL347LWSC40.51402014.488.9Happy Eagle + Daniella Lin
2512-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Caroline Holm620GriffindorP153TPRS31.780ELIMGriffindor + Caroline Holm
2612-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Ethan Chung586Top PowerM272LWSC36.6ELIMW/DTop Power + Ethan Chung
2712-Oct-19BREC One Day Event290cm12Matilda Edwards647Queen of ArendellePX027TPRSW/DQueen of Arendelle + Matilda Edwards
312-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm8Velvet Lung688Rock EmperorHX125LWSC29.6000029.61st7Rock Emperor + Velvet Lung
322-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm8Anais Chauvin675Good View DelightsT166BREC320004.436.42nd6Good View Delights + Anais Chauvin
342-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm8Sarah Corner599Aurium AuriganHX108CEEC27.400204.451.8Aurium Aurigan + Sarah Corner
352-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm8Gary Johnston644HopePX069LWSC31.600202.854.4Hope + Gary Johnston
362-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm8Ann Kwok500Friends SupportL375TPRS34.2120206.873.0Friends Support + Ann Kwok
372-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm8Daniella Lin660HarveyHR110TPRS36.7002022.479.1Harvey + Daniella Lin
382-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm8Leelani Neveux332Lightning SpeedG263CEECW/DLightning Speed + Leelani Neveux
412-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Gary Johnston598BentleyHX091LWSC33.98009.651.52nd10Bentley + Gary Johnston
422-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Luci Friend608Sirocco TooS036LWSC34.98003072.93rd9Sirocco Too + Luci Friend
432-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Christian Allderidge581Charlie VictorT126LWSC34.8372025.6117.4Charlie Victor + Christian Allderidge
442-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Tang Mei Shuen280Quick MoneyJ246TPRS36.840ELIMQuick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
452-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Isaac Wong493Fun FasterN191LWSC40.7300W/DFun Faster + Isaac Wong
462-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Carla Cousins515Happy EagleL347LWSCELIMELIMW/DHappy Eagle + Carla Cousins
472-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Caroline Holm620GriffindorP153TPRS29.640ELIMGriffindor + Caroline Holm
482-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Sarah Corner576Noble DefeaterN232CEEC34.180ELIMNoble Defeater + Sarah Corner
5030-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Daniella Lin644HopePX069LWSC35.7000035.71st7Hope + Daniella Lin
5330-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Leelani Neveux332Lightning SpeedG263CEEC39.24009.652.8Lightning Speed + Leelani Neveux
5430-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Laurel Cooke746King of HeartsHX124CEEC38.71200656.7King of Hearts + Laurel Cooke
5530-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Caroline Holm620GriffindorP153TPRS27.14020859.1Griffindor + Caroline Holm
5630-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Sophie Bater653Shiny DayM131LWSC37.540007.685.1Shiny Day + Sophie Bater
5730-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Mo Mo Lam586Top PowerM272TPRS371202016.485.4Top Power + Mo Mo Lam
5830-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Matilda Edwards647Queen of ArendellePX072CEEC42.6006015 .6118.2Queen of Arendelle + Matilda Edwards
5930-Nov-19BREC One Day Event290cm10Nicole Cox616Smart PlanetS046CEEC39.280ELIMSmart Planet + Nicole Cox
6130-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Gary Johnston598BentleyHX091LWSC28.30006.835.11st11Bentley + Gary Johnston
6430-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Owen Wong728Mr BeanHX127LWSC36.47008.451.8Mr Bean + Owen Wong
6530-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Christian Allderidge648Emerald ButterflyHX115LWSC38.300018.857.14Emerald Butterfly + Christian Allderidge
6630-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Christian Allderidge581Charlie VictorT126LWSC32.630032.868.4Charlie Victor + Christian Allderidge
6730-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Anais Chauvin675Good View DelightsT166BREC35.2404038117.2Good View Delights + Anais Chauvin
6830-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Isaac Wong493Fun FasterN191LWSC4140ELIMFun Faster + Isaac Wong
6930-Nov-19BREC One Day Event3105cm9Sarah Corner576Noble DefeaterN232CEEC30170ELIMNoble Defeater + Sarah Corner
7414-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 20191105cm8Luci Friend608Sirocco TooS036LWSC40800856.04thSirocco Too + Luci Friend
7514-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 20191105cm8Christian Allderidge581Charlie VictorT126LWSC36.148.4020.468.95thCharlie Victor + Christian Allderidge
7614-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 20191105cm8Matthew Chi-Lung WONG280Quick MoneyJ246TMPRS39.940EQuick Money + Matthew Chi-Lung WONG
7714-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 20191105cm8Sarah Corner576Noble DefeaterN232CEEC34.280ENoble Defeater + Sarah Corner
7814-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 20191105cm8Isaac Wong493Fun FasterN191LWSC41.5EFun Faster + Isaac Wong
8314-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019280cm7Nicole Cox616Smart PlanetS046CEEC40.8012038.8100.6Smart Planet + Nicole Cox
8414-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019280cm7Ella Legere649Count On MePX073CEEC42.9404046.8133.7Count On Me + Ella Legere
8514-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019280cm7Oskar Boekhorst593SpiroPX031CEEC4300ESpiro + Oskar Boekhorst
8614-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019280cm7Harmony Pao609Mr SixpencePX064CEEC38.4EMr Sixpence + Harmony Pao
9114-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Elise McAuley525Holyangel HolyN274BREC36.9800044.9Holyangel Holy + Elise McAuley
9214-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Ann Kwok500Friend SupportL375TMPRS39800047.0Friend Support + Ann Kwok
9314-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Sophie Bater653Shiny DayM131LWSC37.316130066.3Shiny Day + Sophie Bater
9414-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Leelani Neveux332Lightning SpeedG263CEEC36.9002010.467.3Lightning Speed + Leelani Neveux
9514-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Caroline Holm620GriffindorP153TMPRS30406018.4112.4Griffindor + Caroline Holm
9614-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Julie Bardin636Stunning MadamPX067LWSC38.140EStunning Madam + Julie Bardin
9714-Dec-19FEI CCI1* Hong Kong 2019390cm10Laurel Cooke746King of heartsHX124CEEC36.540EKing of hearts + Laurel Cooke