Accumulated Points for Horse of the Year 2016-2017 - Eventing

Eventing Horse of Year Calculation Method

Final Ranking of Eventing HOYS

BREC = Beas River Equestrian Centre

CEEC = Clearwater Bay Education and Equestrian Centre

HS = Happy Stable

LYMPRS = Lei Yue Mun Public Riding School

LWSC = Lo Wu Saddle Club

IRC = International Riding Centre

PFLPRS = Pokfulam Public Riding School

TMPRS = Tuen Mun Public Riding School

(Results as of 20 March 2017 )

HOYs Eventing Ranking

Name of Horse
Name of Riders
Total Penalties
No. of Entry
Entitled Point
Updated Scores
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9Quick MoneyTang Mei Shuen80cm41.2102nd4201st
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9Silver ArrowTang Pak Shing80cm44.24103rd3142nd
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9Sir ErnestoChristian Allderidge80cm34101st5103rd
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event2Octagonal CanyonMichelle Li80cm41.4892nd47
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Bravery LuckNatasha Marcon80cm39.63101st55
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Fun FasterChristian Allderidge80cm34.3101st55
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Phoenix FortuneAnn Kwok80cm46.11102nd44
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Wafer KingJennifer Li80cm37.6102nd44
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event2Bayview GreyslewTim Trodd80cm48.3393rd33
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event2Aurum AuriganKerry Freeman80cm142.719nil0
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9Bayview GreyslewMatilda Trodd80cmRTD10nil0
16-Oct-16BREC One Day Event2Bayview GreyslewTim Trodd80cm48.335nil0
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Bayview GreyslewKerry Freeman80cmRTD10nil0
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Bravery LuckErick Wong80cm47.210nil0
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9DurableNatasha Marcon80cm72.8210nil0
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9Friends SupportJennifer Li80cm49.67105th0
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event2Friends SupportJennifer Li80cm52.319nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Friends SupportKodi Tupper80cm68.1510nil0
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event2Fun FasterLeigh Thomas80cmElim9nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Fun FasterLeigh Thomas80cmElim10nil0
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Holyangel HolyElise McAuley80cm71.410nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Holyangel HolyElise McAuley80cmElim10nil0
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event2JigsawGabby Thomas80cmElim9nil0
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9MacaroonLuci Friend80cm60.2410nil0
16-Oct-16BREC One Day Event2MacaroonLuci Friend80cm50.675nil0
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event3MacaroonLuci Friend100cm104.074nil0
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event3MacaroonLuci Friend100cmElim2nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event3MacaroonLuci Friend100cm63.633nil0
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Native KidHoward Green80cmRTD10nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Native KidHoward Green80cmElim10nil0
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9Octagonal CanyonMichelle Li80cm67.4310nil0
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Octagonal CanyonMichelle Li80cm38.2103rd3
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Octagonal CanyonMichelle Li80cmElim10nil0
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event2Par ExcellenceVincent Capol80cm55.379nil0
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Par ExcellenceVincent Capol80cm74.410nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Par ExcellenceVincent Capol80cmElim10nil0
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9Phoenix FortuneAnn Kwok80cm44.81104th0
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event2Phoenix FortuneAnn Kwok80cm49.449nil0
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Phoenix FortuneAnn Kwok80cm39.510nil0
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event3Quick MoneyTang Mei Shuen100cm43.1441st8
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event3Quick MoneyTang Mei Shuen100cmElim2nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event3Quick MoneyTang Mei Shuen100cm45.131st8
16-Oct-16BREC One Day Event2Silver ArrowTang Pak Shing80cm44.0752nd3
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event2Silver ArrowTang Pak Shing80cm40.9391st5
10-Dec-16BREC One Day Event2Silver ArrowTang Pak Shing80cm38.710nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Silver ArrowTang Pak Shing80cm57.41103rd3
16-Oct-16BREC One Day Event2Sir ErnestoChristian Allderidge80cm40.2851st5
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event3Sir ErnestoChristian Allderidge100cm57.864nil0
25-Sep-16BREC One Day Event9SpeedyYu An Su80cm50.3210nil0
16-Oct-16BREC One Day Event2SpeedyYu An Su80cm46.395nil0
13-Nov-16BREC One Day Event3SpeedyYu An Su100cmElim4nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event3SpeedyYu An Su100cm69.663nil0
8-Jan-17BREC One Day Event2Wafer KingJennifer Li80cmElim10nil0