Accumulated Points for Horse of the Year 2017-2018 - Eventing

Eventing Horse of Year Calculation Method


BREC = Beas River Equestrian Centre

CEEC = Clearwater Bay Education and Equestrian Centre

HS = Happy Stable

LYMPRS = Lei Yue Mun Public Riding School

LWSC = Lo Wu Saddle Club

IRC = International Riding Centre

PFLPRS = Pokfulam Public Riding School

TMPRS = Tuen Mun Public Riding School

(Results as of 24 Mar 2018)

HOYs Eventing Ranking

No. of Entry
Total Penalties
Entitled Point
3324-Mar-18BREC One Day Event3Quick MoneyTang Mei ShuenTPRS100cm445.501st8.00Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen24.001st
1121-Oct-17BREC One Day Event2Silver ArrowTang Pak ShingTPRS80cm643.501st5.00Silver Arrow + Tang Pak Shing8.002nd
3524-Mar-18BREC One Day Event3Noble BossLeung Oi ManBREC100cm461.90-0.00Noble Boss + Leung Oi Man5.003rd
3624-Mar-18BREC One Day Event3Lightning SpeedMelissa EdwardsCEEC100cm4155.70-0.00Lightning Speed + Melissa Edwards5.003rd
193-Feb-18BREC One Day Event2Top PowerMichelle LiTPRS80cm839.102nd4.00Top Power + Michelle Li4.005th
1221-Oct-17BREC One Day Event2Peacful MissionJennifer LiTPRS80cm646.502nd3.00Peacful Mission + Jennifer Li3.006th
203-Feb-18BREC One Day Event2Friends SupportAnn KwokTPRS80cm841.403rd3.00Friends Support + Ann Kwok3.006th
1521-Oct-17BREC One Day Event2Top PowerMo Mo LamTPRS80cm656.30-0.00Top Power + Mo Mo Lam0.00
213-Feb-18BREC One Day Event2Secret IdentitySophie LaiBREC80cm854.40-0.00Secret Identity + Sophie Lai0.00
223-Feb-18BREC One Day Event2Phoenix FortuneBernice ShangTPRS80cm855.20-0.00Phoenix Fortune + Bernice Shang0.00
233-Feb-18BREC One Day Event2Sirocco TooLuci FriendLWSC80cm897.90-0.00Sirocco Too + Luci Friend0.00
243-Feb-18BREC One Day Event2Native KidHoward GreenLWSC80cm8100.40-0.00Native Kid + Howard Green0.00
253-Feb-18BREC One Day Event2SaintCampbell RawillerBREC80cm8Elim-0.00Saint + Campbell Rawiller0.00
3424-Mar-18BREC One Day Event3SpeedyYu An SuCEEC100cm448.50-0.00Speedy + Yu An Su0.00
130-Sep-17BREC One Day Event2Lightning SpeedMelissa EdwardsCEEC80cm637.001st5.00Lightning Speed + Melissa Edwards
230-Sep-17BREC One Day Event2Silver ArrowTang Pak ShingTPRS80cm638.132nd3.00Silver Arrow + Tang Pak Shing
330-Sep-17BREC One Day Event2Friends SupportAnn KwokTPRS80cm638.75-0.00Friends Support + Ann Kwok
430-Sep-17BREC One Day Event2Native KidHoward GreenLWSC80cm6Elim-0.00Native Kid + Howard Green
530-Sep-17BREC One Day Event2Phoenix FortuneBernice ShangTPRS80cm6Elim-0.00Phoenix Fortune + Bernice Shang
630-Sep-17BREC One Day Event2Top PowerMo Mo LamTPRS80cm644.25-0.00Top Power + Mo Mo Lam
730-Sep-17BREC One Day Event3Quick MoneyTang Mei ShuenTPRS100cm337.401st8.00Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
830-Sep-17BREC One Day Event3Bayview GreyslewTim TroddCEEC100cm350.37-0.00Bayview Greyslew + Tim Trodd
930-Sep-17BREC One Day Event3SpeedyYu An SuCEEC100cm370.17-0.00Speedy + Yu An Su
1321-Oct-17BREC One Day Event2Phoenix FortuneBernice ShangTPRS80cm648.00-0.00Phoenix Fortune + Bernice Shang
1421-Oct-17BREC One Day Event2Friends SupportAnn KwokTPRS80cm650.20-0.00Friends Support + Ann Kwok
1621-Oct-17BREC One Day Event2Native KidHoward GreenLWSC80cm660.60-0.00Native Kid + Howard Green
183-Feb-18BREC One Day Event2Noble BossLeung Oi ManBREC80cm834.301st5.00Noble Boss + Leung Oi Man
273-Feb-18BREC One Day Event3Quick MoneyTang Mei ShuenTPRS100cm145.801st8.00Quick Money + Tang Mei Shuen
2924-Mar-18BREC One Day Event2Native KidHoward GreenBREC90cm3RTD-0.00Native Kid + Howard Green
3024-Mar-18BREC One Day Event2Friends SupportAnn KwokTPRS90cm3Elim-0.00Friends Support + Ann Kwok
3124-Mar-18BREC One Day Event2Sirocco TooLuci FriendLWSC90cm3Elim-0.00Sirocco Too + Luci Friend