Time Schedule and updated Running Order for Eventing Horse of the Year Show 2019 cum HKEF Senior Interschool Equestrian Challenge 2019


Dear Members,


Herewith attached the time schedule and updated running order of our Eventing Horse of the Year 2019 cum HKEF Senior Interschool Equestrian Challenge 2019 will be held on this coming Saturday 30 March 2019. Besides, we would like to draw your attention for the following points:


1) The first test, Dressage Competition will start from 7:30 a.m.


2) Dressage and Jumping will keep the same running order as stated on the schedule


3) The XC Track will be opened for walking tomorrow at 12:00 noon on Friday 29 March 2019


4) The competition arena will be opened for jumping course walk at around 8:45 a.m. on Saturday 30 March 2019

5) The starting order for the cross country test in each class will be on the basis of the reverse
   order of placings after the dressage and show jumping tests


6) A riders’ briefing on the XC Test will be held at 12:20 – 12:35 p.m. under the VIP tent area


7) HKEF 80 cm classes should be subject to the 15 seconds under the optimum time window.


8) Cross Country Test – Fence Judges’ briefing will be held at 1:00 -1:15 p.m. outside the judges’ box


9) It is the rider’s responsibility to be ready for their start at the XC in the correct order

10) Unmounted Prize Giving will be held inside the Competition Paddock about 10 minutes
   after the completion of Cross Country classes


11) The HKEF Eventing Rules will be strictly put into practice at all times during the captioned event.



Please kindly read the following important messages / areas which commonly asked by competitors:


  1. A.      Dressage Test


As preparation of the CCI1* Eventing competition to be held in December later this year, the 2018 FEI CCI 1* Test (20 x 60m) will be used in the HOY HKE 100 class of the Eventing Horse of the Year Show 2019.


  1. B.      Dress for the Dressage Tests

As per HKEF Dressage Rule Art 433, the following is compulsory: dark jacket, white or off-white breeches, white stock, white or light coloured gloves, long dark boots or boots and matching chaps, dark coloured headgear. If the weather conditions are such that the President of the Ground Jury permits the absence of jackets, the athletes must be tidily presented with short- or long-sleeved white shirt and white stock or tie.


Updates: However, regarding the stock is not generally used by competitors nowadays, our Judges are prepared to be flexible on this. However it is not the case for white or light coloured gloves which might affect the judging.

Thus, other than the “stock”, anything else will need to be complied to the HKEF rules.


  1. C.      Whip

Carrying a dressage whip at any time during the Dressage Test is forbidden, under penalty of elimination. However, a dressage whip may be used for warming up for the Dressage Test. No substitute for a whip is allowed. If a whip is carried in the Cross-Country and/or Jumping Test, this including jumping any obstacles before such tests, it must not be weighted at the end or exceed 75cm (30 inches) in length.


  1. D.      Spurs

General – Spurs are optional for all three Tests.

For the rest of the rules, please see attached rules for details.



On the competition date, you may contact Vicky Wong at 6053 0866 or Zoe Tang at 9804 3164 if you have any question.


Last but not least, we wish all riders the best of luck at the competitions.


Best Regards,


Hong Kong Equestrian Federation

Time Schedule for public as of 28 March 2019


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