National Youth Dressage Competition 2020 Yu Shang Carnival by China Equestrian Association (CEA) (For Young & Junior Riders)


Invitation of Expression of Interest to the National Youth Dressage Competition 2020 Yu Shang Carnival by China Equestrian Association (CEA) (For Young & Junior Riders)

Dear members,

Please be informed that we are invited by the China Equestrian Association (CEA) to participate at their National Youth Dressage Competition 2020 Yu Shang Carnival.

Kindly noted that this competition will be run online by submitting the videos to the CEA. Details of the competition is as follow (or you may also find the details from the attachment);

Date: June 2020

Deadline of registration: 10 June 2020, Wednesday

Deadline of submitting your videos: 20 June 2020, Saturday 12n.n.

Categories: Young Riders (Age 16-21, born between 1999-2004) & Junior Riders (Age 12-18, born between 2002-2008) – Rider who are eligible to participate in both groups may only choose either group.

Dressage Tests: Freestyle (Please refer to the attached documents Annex 1)

Judging Panel: Professional Judging Group from China including (Gu Bing, Ge Ri Le, Huai Pei Xin, Liu Li Nuo and Liu Zhong) plus public voting through Tik Tok app (CEA official account in Tik Tok will publish all riders’ videos, comparison will be based on the “red hearts” received)

Shooting requirements: Video shooting point must be at C. Record must be started from the combination entering at A and until the end that the rider finished salute. You may select your own soundtrack. Video position should be fixed with horizontal screen recording. Horse-rider combination must be filmed inside the screen. No editing is allowed, sound and image must be synchronized. The focal length can be adjusted according to the test route. Caller is not allowed.

Prizes: 3 awards including“The most graceful horse-rider combination”, “The most elegant horse-rider combination” and “The most dynamic horse-rider combination” will be presented to each category (For details, please refer to the attached documents Annex 1)


*Only HKEF members are eligible to participate at the event



Should any of your riders are interested to participated at the competition, please submit the followings to Zoe at ;

Before 9 June 2020, Tuesday

  1. Please specify which categories you would like to participate
  2. Riders’ HKID copy/ Passport copy
  3. Horse Name
  4. Horse Number
  5. Horse Bridle Number

Before 18 June 2020, Thursday

  1. Videos

Please noted that the above deadline will be earlier in advance then the deadline set by the CEA as we will need to consolidate all of your applications and videos before sending to CEA.

Thank you for your kind attention and we look forward to receiving your entries!!

Should you have further enquiries, please contact Zoe at or 2966 1593.

Kind regards,

Hong Kong Equestrian Federation