Latest HKEF HOY Leader Boards for Jumping, Dressage and Eventing as of 2 Feb 2019


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We are pleased to share with you the latest Leader Board Dressage after the One Day Event at Beas River Equestrian Centre last Saturday (2 February 2019).


The Leader Board is as follows:.


Jumping HOY Leader Board as of 2 Feb 2019

Jumping-table-awards-as-2Feb 2019

Recently, there are no changes on the top 3 standings of the Jumping leader board. Lo Wu Saddle Club’s Gabby Thomas with Emerald Butterfly remains its top place on the board with 55 points, widening its difference with the second place by more than 20 points. Vincent Capol and Angel stand on the 2nd place with 29 points, followed by Aden Yeung and Polymer Power with only 2 points behind.


Dressage HOY Leader Board as of 2 February 2019


Dressage Horse of the Year Award is an award for the best performing Dressage horse-rider combination of the season. Points are accumulated for each horse-rider combination at their *eligible level in All HKEF graded competitions and FEI competitions held in Hong Kong with the sum of maximum five best results during the season. Same with the Jumping Leader Board, there is no change on the latest top 3 places on the Dressage Leader Board.


Lei Yue Mun Public Riding School’s Martina Trommershausen with Precision Era stays on top of the leader board with 28 points. Meanwhile, two combinations from Beas River Equestrian Centre stand on the 2nd and 3rd places at the leader board, which are Samantha Chan with Luciano, carrying 26 points and Margaret Chow with Biano, carrying 21 points respectively.



Eventing HOY Leader Board as of 2 Feb 2019


After the One Day Event on 2 February 2019, there is a slight change of the Eventing leader board. Gabby Thomas with Emerald Butterfly still takes the top place for the both the Jumping leader board and the latest Eventing leader board with 24 points tentatively. Besides, Christian Allderidge with Charlie Victor takes the second place with 14 points. Moreover, a newcomer appear on the recent Eventing leader board, which is Sarah Corner with Aurium Aurigan and Luci Friend with Sirocco Too on Equal third place with 6 points.


The upcoming competition is the BREC Jumping Show on Saturday, 9 February 2019 and BREC Dressage Show on Sunday, 10 February 2019 at Beas River Equestrian Centre. We wish all riders the best of luck!


HKEF Season End Awards Calculation Method for 2018 – 2019 and updated Dressage Horse-rider Combination Grading System 2018 – 2019 are available on HKEF website at:


Information of the New Awards sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Best Retired Racehorse Award is an award for the best retired racehorse that has competed in all three disciplines (Jumping, Dressage & Eventing) during the season. This Best Retired Racehorse Award will be awarded to the retired racehorse which has the highest combined HOY ranking according to the ranking lists of the three individual disciplines. Should there be a tie in the combined ranking at the end of the season, the retired racehorses tied for first place will be declared the joint winner for the award.

Meanwhile, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Best ‘Newcomer’ Retired Racehorse Award is an award for the best ‘newcomer’ retired racehorse(s) in each of the disciplines (Jumping, Dressage or Eventing) during their first graded competition season in that discipline. A Best ‘Newcomer’ Retired Racehorse Award will be awarded to the ‘newcomer’ retired racehorse(s) which achieved the highest placing among the ‘newcomer’ retired racehorses according to the HOY ranking list before the end of its first graded competition season in the respective discipline.

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