Kellett School and Nord Anglia International School top the HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge 2019 (3-4 May 2019, Friday to Saturday)



(higher division) Nord Anglia International School(Lower division) Kellet School


Dear Members,

Kellett School and Nord Anglia International School top 

the HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge 2019

In the final of the HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge 2019, held last Saturday 4th May at Lo Wu Saddle Club, Kellett School (BISHK) and Nord Anglia International School (NAISHK) emerged victorious in the Higher and Lower Divisions respectively. 


Currently in its thirteenth year, the HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge is the region’s largest equestrian competition for schools and this year received around 130 entries from 25 schools.


In the final competition, we were honoured to be joined by UK judges and Fellows of the British Horse Society (BHS): Mr. Andrew Bennie, Mr. Darrell Scaife and Mr. Tim Downes (who also wrote the dressage tests for this competition). Please visit here for a full list of show officials who contributed their expertise to our Heats and Finals of the Challenge.
In the Lower Division (for riders aged 10-14 years), the team winner was Nord Anglia International School (NAISHK) with an overall score of 202.71, closely followed by Renaissance College (RCHK) with 202.40, Harrow International School (HISHK) with 200.76 and Canadian International School (CDNIS) with 198.08. Nord Anglia International School team members, Emma Aaten, Sylvie Lung, Naomi Khaira and Erik Gaarder, will receive a special training session from Mr. Tim Downes, FBHS later in the year. They were also offered Summer School Scholarships, representing a 50% discount on training at Stonar School Equestrian Centre in the UK, as well as vouchers from our sponsors including Bits & Boots Saddlery (H.K.) Co., Harcour and Tallahesse Asia Holdings Ltd..


In the Higher Division (for riders aged 12-16 years), after a hard-fought competition, Kellett School (BISHK) eventually took the lead with an impressive score of 213.23. They were followed by King George V School (KGV) with 199.58, Renaissance College (RCHK) with 196.56 and German Swiss International School (GSIS) with 187.81. As the winning team, the four Kellett team members, Matilda Edwards, Annabel Dyson, Saaga Niemi and Poppy Higgins, will travel to the UK for a week’s riding and training at Ingestre Stables in Staffordshire.  They also received some useful prizes and vouchers for themselves and their horses, sponsored by Bits & Boots Saddlery (H.K.) Co., Harcour and Tallahesse Asia Holdings Ltd..


The final result of the HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge 2019 is as follows:


Lower Division – Overall Team Results
1st Nord Anglia International School (NAISHK) 202.71
2nd Renaissance College (RCHK) 202.40
3rd Harrow International School (HISHK) 200.76
4th Canadian International School (CDNIS) 198.08


Higher Division – Overall Team Results
1st Kellet School (BISHK) 213.23
2nd King George V School (KGV) 199.58
3rd Renaissance College (RCHK) 196.56
4th German Swiss International School (GSIS) 187.81


The top five riders (Higher and Lower Divisions) in jumping and dressage at the competition final were:


Lower Division Dressage Final Top 5
1st Evie Sum RCHK
2nd Jack Callan HISHK
3rd Erik Gaarder NAISHK
4th Jamie Young HISHK
5th Anita Qian RCHK


Lower Division Jumping Final Top 5
1st Henry Callan HISHK
2nd Sylvie Lung NAISHK
3rd Anita Qian RCHK
4th Naomi Khaira NAISHK
5th Kellis Yeung CDNIS


Higher Division Dressage Final Top 5
1st Annabel Dyson BISHK
2nd Zoe Koerber KGV
3rd Matilda Edwards BISHK
4th Daniella Lin RCHK
5th Sophie Bater GSIS


Higher Division Jumping Final Top 5
1st Matilda Edwards BISHK
1st Joshua Chan RCHK
3rd Gemma Duncan KGV
4th Soraya Abouhanine GSIS
5th Annabel Dyson BISHK
5th Sophie Bater GSIS


The Best Turned-out Awards for the Higher and Lower Division, as selected by Lo Wu Saddle Club, are:


Best turned-out Award for the Lower Division
Harrow International School (HISHK)


Best turned-out Award for the Higher Division
King George V School (KGV)


Besides the outstanding riders and teams at the Finals, the top six riders in Jumping and Dressage disciplines in the earlier heats for both divisions were awarded at the award presentation. Please find the full result of the Heats in here.


The President of Hong Kong Equestrian Federation and Vice-President of the Equestrian Foundation Limited, Mr. Michael Lee; Vice President of the HKEF, Ms. I-Ping Soong; HKEF Executive Committee member, Mr. Howard Green; HKEF Secretary General, Ms. Angela Kong; HKEF Equestrian School Sports Coordinator and Competition Organiser, Dr. Simon Griffin; Club Manager of Lo Wu Saddle Club, Ms. Deborah Coulson and representatives of our sponsors attended the Prize Presentation of the Final competition and presented prizes to our winning teams and riders.


In recent years, the HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge has gained increasing popularity in Hong Kong. It attracts such a large number of entries that a total of five Lower Division heats and three Higher Division heats were held at Lo Wu Saddle Club (LWSC) and Tuen Mun Public Riding School (TMPRS) respectively over Wednesdays and Fridays in March this year.


The Hong Kong Equestrian Federation would like to express our warmest congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to TMPRS and LWSC for their invaluable assistance in running the competition.


We would also like to thank all officials, riders and parents for their efforts during the event.  A special note of thanks goes to our generous sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible.  These include Bits and Boots saddlery (HK) Co., Brilliant International Group, Stonar School, Multi-Toys Group of Co., Tallahesse Asia Holdings Ltd., The Equestrian Foundation Limited, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Lo Wu Saddle Club, Clearwater Bay Equestrian & Education Centre and International Riding Centre.  The event was also subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.


More information of HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge 2019 can be found at our official website.


We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!


With best regards,


Hong Kong Equestrian Federation