Invitation for Expression of Interest to represent Hong Kong at the 2018 Buenos Aires 3rd Youth Olympic Games


Dear members,

We are delighted to confirm that through Nathaniel Chan’s great efforts at the FEI World Jumping Challenge Cat A in Tianjin in last September, Hong Kong has been granted a place at the 2018 Buenos Aires 3rd Youth Olympic Games (YOG 2018), on borrowed horses with fences up to 1.3m, which will be held between Saturday, 6th and Thursday, 18th October, 2018 at the Argentine Equestrian Club, Argentina.

We are now looking for riders to express their interest in representing Hong Kong at this event. The eligibility criteria are:

  1. 1.    Born between 1st Jan 2000 to 31st Dec 2003 (Age 14 – 18, as of 1st Jan 2018)
  2. 2.    With HKSAR passport
  3. 3.    With FEI Certificate of Capability

All athletes taking part in the YOG must have obtained a Certificate of Capability at one of the following events:

  • The FEI World Jumping Challenge Category A (Certificates of Capability may be earned in the 1st, 2nd  or 3rd FEI World Jumping Challenge Category A competition in any country)
  • CSI1* Grand Prix Competition;
  • CSI2* Grand Prix Competition.

Each athlete must obtain a score of not more than eight penalties in the first round of any of the above competitions to gain a Certificate of Capability.

Certificates of Capability must be obtained between 1 April 2017 and 31 May 2018.


To our knowledge, none of our junior riders yet have the Certificate of Capability, so our first priority is to maximize the opportunities to achieve this. Here in Hong Kong the first eligible competition will be the FEI World Jumping Challenge Category A which will be held on the 3rd & 4th March, 2018.

If you are interested in being considered for the YOG, please kindly send us an email to or no later than 8th January, 2018 (Mon) 6:00 p.m. and attach your proof of eligibility and competition results for the past year.

Anyone with expression of interest will be invited to attend a free training session by HKJC Performance Manager on 13 January, 2018 (Sat) from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m.. Riders can either bring his or her own horses or use the school horses provided by Beas River Equestrian Centre. Riders with or without their own horses will be required to ride a few different horses as the YOG is a borrowed horse competition. Following the training session, regular trainings will be provided by HKEF to all shortlisted potential candidates for YOG 2018 selected by our Training and selection subcommittee based on competition results. Alternatively, riders can also make their own arrangements for training / preparation should they wish. Any rider who achieves the Certificate of Capability will be considered for final selection by end of May this year; not just the ones involved in the official training.


Please note that obtaining the Certificate of Capability and training for the YOG 2018 will be a big commitment in terms of time and effort. The selected rider may require some training courses and competitions abroad. All riders must ensure that they have the full support from their parents/guardians for this undertaking.

We look forward to receiving your favorable reply. Thank you for your kind attention.

Happy New Year!

Warm regards,

Hong Kong Equestrian Federation

Invitation for Expression of Interest for YOG 920