HKEF Squad Team to the 2nd National Youth Games (August 2019)


HKEF-Squad-Team-Senior-Class-JumpingHKEF-Squad-Team-Senior-Class-Dressage-2HKEF-Squad-Team-Junior-Class-JumpingHKEF-Squad-Team-Junior-Class-DressageDear Members,

Organized by the General Administration of Sport of China, the 2nd National Youth Games will be held in August 2019 in Shanxi, China. The Games is one of the biggest sports competitions involving young athletes in the world, comprises a total of 49 sports disciplines with equestrian events being included for the first time.

The equestrian events of 2nd National Youth Games are divided into Group A (16-19 years old) and Group B (12-15 years old). In Group A, there are Jumping, Dressage and Eventing disciplines while in Group B, there are Jumping and Dressage disciplines only. Participating riders of each discipline will compete in both the individual and team competitions.

Thanks to the very generous support of our members, Rebecca and David Ha, Hong Kong Equestrian Federation will be able to send riders to compete in the Jumping and Dressage disciplines for both the Group A (16-19 years old) and Group B (12-15 years old) by borrowing horses from R&D Riding Club in China.

Following our request for expressions of interest, TSSC have reviewed all the applications and based on riders’ results, availability for training and a visit to R&D Riding Club to assess the horses available for us, we are pleased to announce the following Squad selections:

HKEF Squad Team of Group A (Riders aged 16-19) Jumping

Vincent Zi-Xiang Capol, Edgar Fung, Bryan Lam, Natasha Lee, Isaac Wong

HKEF Squad Team of Group A (Riders aged 16-19) Dressage

Samantha Chan,  Annabel Dyson, Claudia Wrobel

HKEF Squad Team of Group B (Riders aged 12-15)Jumping

Joshua Chan, Fabiola Chong, Vincent Ng, Owen Wong, Aden Yeung

HKEF Squad Team of Group B (Riders aged 12-15)Dressage

Natalie Fu, Charmaine Ip, Hermes Iu, Jemma Quinn, Yang Tsz Ling

There are two further vacancies for the Senior Dressage Squad and we will ask the following riders who had expressed interest in the Games;  Venus Chan, Yuddy Cheng, Ethan Chung and Daniella Lin, to participate in the upcoming HOYS Dressage Warm Up Show on either Saturday 4th May or Sunday 5th May. The two riders with the best scores from two tests, likely to be a preliminary and novice test, will be invited to join the squad.

We will take the squad riders to R&D Riding Club in the coming weeks so they can meet the horses and to enable the coaches to make a preliminary allocations of horses to riders. After this visit, the coaches will work with their squads on a training programme that will prepare them for the National Youth Games. We will select the teams of four riders plus one reserve from the squads based on the riders’ ability to form partnerships with the available horses, their competition track records and their commitment to the training and Games preparation.


Let’s join our hands to wish them our very best of luck.


Best regards,

Hong Kong Equestrian Federation