HKEF Dressage Judges Seminar on 5 Jan 2019(Sat)


Dear members,

To provide continuous training for potential Dressage Judges and Writers, a HKEF Dressage Judges Seminarwas conducted by our Senior Dressage Judge, Mr. Neil Mitchell at Tuen Mun Public Riding School on last Saturday (5 January 2019). The main objective of the seminar was to provide a better understanding of Dressage to anyone who wish to become a Dressage Writer or a Dressage Judge in the future.


HKEF Senior Dressage Judge, Mr. Neil Mitchell

This seminar attracted a record high number of 40 participants including existing Dressage Judges, Writers, instructors, riders as well as other HKEF members.

It was conducted in the practical format of judging and discussion. At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Mitchell shared his overviews of judging. Afterwards, all participants were divided in a group of three and take turns to judge, write and observe for three different level of dressage tests (preliminary, novice and medium) progressively from the easiest to the more difficult. Three listed Dressage Judges, namely Ms. Angela Kong (Promoted to List C Judge since Aug 2018), Mrs. Leigh Thomas (Promoted to List D Judge since Aug 2018) and Ms. Catherine Sing (List C Judge since Dec 2016) took the lead to judge and participants were able to interact and compare their own scores with these Judges and Mr. Mitchell’s. After each test, Mr. Mitchell went through all the movements in detail and shared his comments to all the participants.


Discussion and interaction with participants



HKEF Listed Dressage Judges (from left) Ms. Catherine Sing(List C Dressage Judge), Ms. Angela Kong(List C Dressage Judge) and Mrs. Leigh Thomas(List D Dressage Judge)

The Hong Kong Equestrian Federation would like to express our appreciation to the Senior Dressage Judge, Mr. Neil Mitchell for conducting series of workshops and seminars in the past and current seasons. Special thanks go to Tuen Mun Public Riding School for the efforts in organizing and delivering this seminar to all our members as well as the demonstrators Venus Chan (for the preliminary test), and two HKJC Riding Instructors, Momo Lam (for the novice test) and Boris Yue (for the medium test) for carrying out the demonstration during the seminar.


Venus Chan and G-One Winning from Tuen Mun Public Riding School


Momo Lam, HKJC Riding Instructor and Top Power from Tuen Mun Public Riding School


Boris Yue, HKJC Riding Instructor and Sunny Smiles from Lei Yue Mun Public Riding School

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Hong Kong Equestrian Federation