First HKEF online sharing session on “Becoming an FEI Jumping Steward and Judge”


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First HKEF online sharing session on “Becoming an FEI Jumping Steward and Judge”


During the pandemic period, virtual learning and activities are fast becoming an indispensable part of our lives. In order to keep all our members, riders and local officials stay connected as well as to refresh and uphold their knowledge, a series of online sharing sessions will be organized by the HKEF. To kick start, the first online sharing session on “Becoming an FEI Jumping Steward and Judge” by Ms. Alice Mak and Mr. Gerald Kuh, was held this morning.


Alice Mak is our current Chief Steward, FEI Level 3 Steward and FEI Level 2 Jumping Judge while Gerry is an FEI Level 3 Steward and FEI Level 3 Jumping Judge. Both of them are top Hong Kong officials with vast experience in many international or major events, such as the Longines Masters of Hong Kong, Asian Games, Youth Olympic Games or the FEI Asian Championship, etc.


During the sharing session, Alice and Gerry shared their past experience in becoming national Jumping Steward and Judge as well as their preparation to obtain the qualifications as FEI Jumping Steward and Judge. The roles and duties of FEI Jumping Steward and Judge were also introduced. “Passion is a fundamental element for anyone who are interested to become a national or FEI official” said Gerry. Other than the rules book, it is vital for all national officials to earn as much experience as possible at different shows. Practical experience can only be gained when you were officiating at the shows. According to Alice, it is not difficult for anyone to make a start as a national official, however, it requires a lot of time and effort before you can reach the FEI ladder. At the end of the sharing session, a Q&A session was also conducted to answer members’ enquiries.


The HKEF would like to express our gratitude to Alice and Gerry for their sharing today. We hope all members attended would find it useful and be inspired to proceed with their goals to become our officials in the future.


Please feel free to share with us any suggestions or ideas for the upcoming online sessions by replying this email. We would love to receive your opinion to provide a variety of contents.


Thank you for your kind attention and have a nice weekend.



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