Exciting new HKEF online dressage competitions


Dear members,

Exciting new HKEF online dressage competitions


Hong Kong Equestrian Federation, in conjunction with The Hong Kong Jockey Club are delighted to announce the introduction of a new online dressage competition series. Starting in October, Dressage Anywhere, the worldwide online dressage competition website, will be offering dedicated competitions only for Hong Kong based horses and riders. This allows the equestrian community to continue to compete together during the postponed competition season due to the pandemic.


Classes will be available from introductory level through to advanced medium, held in both short and long arenas. This enables competitors to have a go whilst riding in their home stables; videoing their tests either in their riding lessons or on dedicated competition days. Each class will have a Senior section (over 16 years old) and Junior section (16 years and under), with rosettes for each to 6th place.


Once tests are videoed, they are easily uploaded to the Dressage Anywhere website https://www.dressageanywhere.com/. Each month will see the start of a new competition to enable our riders to keep training and competing in dressage whilst we are not able to have horse shows. Further details will be announced next week once the competitions go live on the Dressage Anywhere website.


For Jumping enthusiasts, video based show jumping is also being explored and further details on this initiative will be announced soon.


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Hong Kong Equestrian Federation