Equestrian Sports promoted to Tier A Sports by the Hong Kong Sports Institute


Dear Members,


Although it has been unofficial news for a few months now, we are delighted that we can formally announce that Equestrian Sport has been upgraded to Tier A Status by the Hong Kong Sports Institute.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the HKSI tiers, our senior and junior athletes’ results in international competitions are assessed annually using a points approach (the Elite Vote Support System) and while we have had Tier B Status for sometime, this is the first time we have achieved Tier A.


We have had some preliminary meetings with the HKSI Team and are very excited about the extra support they will be able to provide for  elite athlete development in our quest to deliver more outstanding international competition results for Hong Kong. We will announce more details over the coming weeks but our intention is to work with our partners HKJC to further expand and develop the successful HKEPP and Junior programmes.


Tier A Status is a tremendous achievement for our sport and while it maybe a small number of elite riders who go on to score the points we need, the whole community plays a very significant role in these successes. This includes the riding school instructors who started our riders off on their careers, the judges and officials who work tirelessly at our competitions so that riders can gain experience, everyone who enters the competitions at all levels, the vets, farriers and mafoos who keep the horses ready to compete, the owners who provide horses for borrowed horse competitions, the parents and friends who cheer on from the ringside come rain or shine and not least the office staff who keep everything running so smoothly. It really is a community effort and everyone should feel very proud of the contributions they have made.


Of course, there are now expectations that we will go on to do even greater things and we look forward to your continued support, enthusiasm and dedication to equestrian sport in Hong Kong and for our riders proudly representing us overseas.


Best regards,


Hong Kong Equestrian Federation