Completion of first HKEF Eventing online Sharing Session on “Becoming an Eventing Official” in 2021


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Completion of first HKEF Eventing online Sharing Session on “Becoming an Eventing Official” in 2021


Following the previous Jumping and Dressage sessions, this afternoon we held the first session for Eventing, entitled “Becoming an Eventing Official” presented by Eventing Delegate Mr. James Pearson.


James started officiating as a jumping judge and steward in Hong Kong in 1993. He has since expanded his role to eventing and became one of our Eventing Delegates. He became interested in Eventing due to his wife Nicole, who has been a member of the Hong Kong Eventing team for many years. Throughout the years, he has become experienced in all aspects of Eventing Management and participated in numerous events around Asia and Europe. James was also recently appointed as Steward for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and was previously a Steward for Beijing 2008.


During the session, James introduced the different positions, roles and responsibilities in the Eventing Official Team. He covered the tasks and expectations of the Technical Delegate, Course Designer, Course Builder, Ground Jury, Stewards, Fence Judges, Starters, Controllers, Recorders, Human and Equine Medical Teams. James emphasised the importance of cooperation and communication between all the roles in an event, and that it is essential for all officials work as part of the team to make sure the show runs smoothly and safely. Similarly, he focused on the appreciation of the risks around all equestrian sports and the necessary measures that all officials, athletes and stakeholders must consider in ensuring that every event is held safely.


James concluded saying that, “Being positive and maintaining integrity is the fundamental attribute of becoming an official. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the best for every show and maintain equine welfare at all times.”


The HKEF would like to thank James for his time in preparing and presenting today’s session. We hope that all attendants found it useful and know more about the roles of Eventing Officials in the competitions we hold.


Please feel free to share with us any suggestions or ideas for future online sessions. We really appreciate your opinion so we can provide a wide variety of relevant content to our Briefing Sessions.


Thank you for your kind attention.


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Hong Kong Equestrian Federation

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