Completion of Dressage Judges’ Training on Online Judging presented by Dressage Anywhere on 7 Jan 2021


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Completion of Dressage Judges’ Training on Online Judging presented by Dressage Anywhere on 7 Jan 2021

Happy New Year! With enthusiastic feedback and support from our on-list dressage judges, the HKEF continues collaborating with Ms. Nereide Goodman and Ms. Ruth Chappell, co-founders of the Dressage Anywhere, to launch Dressage Judges’ Training on Online Judging last evening.

Nereide is a British Dressage List 1 judge, rider and trainer. She founded Wellington Riding with her husband, ran high profile shows and introduced dressage to music to the British scene. Ruth is the platform’s Operations Director and a horse lover. Before co-founding Dressage Anywhere, she managed cross-site digital development teams. Both of them shared the same vision of making the sport accessible to people worldwide and therefore established Dressage Anywhere in 2010.

A total of 8 HKEF dressage judges joined us for the evening. Similar to previous trainings, judges were given sample video tests to score before the session. Their marks and comments were then discussed and compared with the score sheets of the master judges.  Nereide said, ‘we had some interesting discussions about the marking of the movements with judges showing an improved understanding of judging dressage. I enjoyed sharing ideas with some of the more experienced judges about the intricacies  of some of the higher level movements and how we  judges deal with them’. Nereide further shared practical tips with our judges on how to handle specific problems in virtual judging.

The HKEF would like to express our gratitude to Nereide and Ruth for their continuous support to Hong Kong’s preparation for running dressage competitions online. We anticipate to the reopening of riding schools and resumption of the HKEF online series when the pandemic situation improves. Meanwhile, the HKEF will make every effort to keep our members refreshed and connected.

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Hong Kong Equestrian Federation

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