Completion of Dressage Judges Training for HKEF Listed Judges presented by Dressage Anywhere


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Completion of Dressage Judges Training for HKEF Listed Judges presented by Dressage Anywhere



With the commencement of the new HKEF online dressage competition series on the Dressage Anywhere platform since the beginning of October, the HKEF, in conjunction with The Hong Kong Jockey Club, decided to run two training sessions in collaboration with Dressage Anywhere. Ms. Nereide Goodman and Ms. Ruth Chappell, co-founders of the Dressage Anywhere platform were the speakers of the online training.


The first one on “Introduction to Judging Dressage Online” was held on 20th October and was open to all HKEF members while the second training session on “Dressage Judges Training for HKEF Listed Judges” was held yesterday evening and was open to all HKEF on-list dressage judges.


Nereide is a British Dressage List 1 judge, rider and trainer. She founded Wellington Riding with her husband, ran high profile shows and introduced dressage to music to the British scene. Ruth is the Operations Director of the platform and a horse lover. She managed cross-site digital development teams prior to Dressage Anywhere. Both of them shared the same vision of making the sport accessible to people worldwide and therefore established Dressage Anywhere in 2010.


A total of 11 HKEF dressage judges attended the judges training session last night. All of them were given some sample videos to practice and familiarize beforehand. The highlight of the session fell on the discussion of the example test videos at three different levels, namely Preliminary, Novice and Elementary and interaction among all participating judges. Each of the registered judges was invited to give their marks and comments on particular movements /transitions followed by the sharing of the speakers. Nereide detailed the master judge’s marks and comments for each movement and the reasoning behind each one. Included was useful advice on what the judge looks for and how riders can improve their presentation of the movements to increase their scores. “It was an absolute pleasure to interact with Hong Kong’s dressage judges at all levels. Our discussions with the more senior judges were very interesting and the points raised by some of the less experienced were so relevant to our aim of helping develop dressage  in Hong Kong at this difficult time. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening” said Nereide. Ruth also mentioned that “we’ve really enjoyed working with the HKEF and its judges, thank you to all involved for giving your time and great input”.


The HKEF would like to thank the Hong Kong Jockey Club for sponsoring the training presented by Dressage Anywhere. Our gratitude also goes to Nereide and Ruth for their time and effort in preparing the training for us. We hope that all attended judges found it useful and gained more knowledge in judging online.


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