Challenges of speed and power with young talents continue at the Longines Masters of Hong Kong 2019


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Organized by the EEM and co-organized by the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation, the seventh edition of the Longines Masters of Hong Kong takes place from 15 to 17 February 2019, Friday to Sunday at AsiaWorld-Expo, gathering 32 world’s top senior riders and 5 top Asian junior riders to compete in a series of exciting competitions. After the Masters kicked off on Friday, it continued its second day with excitement. In the early afternoon, the second edition of Masters Power Maserati Trophy (also known as the Maserati Masters Power): Six Bars took place with prize money of US$20,000. In the evening, there was the first HKJC Asian Junior Challenge and the last competition of the night was the renowned Longines Speed Challenge at 1.5m with total prize money of US$100,000.

Masters Power Maserati Trophy: Six Bars

In this class, participating horse-rider combinations are classified by the maximum fence height they can jump with the penalties in their last round. This class consists of the first round with maximum fence height of 1.6m, followed by a maximum number of 4 jump-offs in case there are equal performances among competitors. The height of bars increases progressively by each jump-off. 16 horse-rider combinations competed at this class, including our Hong Kong representative, Raena Leung on “Orphee Du Granit”. At the end, 4 riders namely Great Britain’s Laura Renwick riding “Top Dollar VI”, Chinese Yunjung Wang Ella riding “Aken Utopia”, Spanish Pilar Lucrecia Cordon riding “Trix Trax” and the Republic of Ireland’s Bertram Allen riding “Izzy by Picobello” were placed equal first at the height of 1.92m after the 4th round. Each of them  was awarded with 3500 USD of grand prize.

HKJC Asian Junior Challenge

Presented by the EEM and Hong Kong Equestrian Federation, sub-vented by the Home Affairs Bureau (Arts and Sport Development Fund), supported by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the first HKJC Asian Junior Challenge welcomed 5 Asian top junior riders to compete on the Masters’ stage. 5 top Asian junior riders from China Guangdong, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Indonesia competed at the event. The HKJC Asian Junior Challenge is a single-rounded competition with two phases at 1m. Riders finishing the first phase without elimination could directly enter the second phase. Aggregate penalties in both phases were used to decide the placing. Our Hong Kong representatives, Vincent Zi-Xiang Capol and Edgar Fung were two of the competitors at this class, riding horses provided by the EEM, namely “It’s A Gamble” and “Calmano” respectively. At the end, Muhammad Akbar Kurniawan from Indonesia achieved a superb clear round with the shortest time of 34.21 seconds and claimed the Champion, followed by Tzu-Yen Lin from Chinese Taipei on ”Une d’Hautefeuille” and the third place was taken home by our Hong Kong representative, Vincent Zi-Xiang Capol.

Longines Speed Challenge

The second night of the Longines Masters of Hong Kong 2019 reached its climax with the Longines Speed Challenge (1.5m). The Speed Challenge was another single-rounded class on Table C, meaning that in the case of jumping faults such as obstacles being knocked down, riders will be penalized in seconds instead of “typical” penalty points. Classification is determined by the scores attained by adding the time of the round with seconds for time correction (if any) plus four seconds added for each obstacle knocked down. The grandstand and premium seats were nearly all occupied by audiences who wanted to witness the power and speed of world’s best riders at the competition. Ultimately, Bertram Allen riding “Christy JNR” from the Republic of Ireland was awarded the first place with solely 60.47 seconds. Meanwhile, both the second and third places were taken home by French riders, namely Patrice Delaveau riding “Vestale de Mazure” HDC and Kevin Staut riding “Ayade de Sapton Et Hdc”.

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Hong Kong Equestrian Federation