26 Riders Supported by HKEF Training Support 2018/19



Hong Kong Equestrian Federation (HKEF) is pleased to announce that the Federation is going to support 26 potential riders to take part in both local and overseas trainings for the fifth consecutive year with funding from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI).

At the end of May, the HKEF invited members aged 12 – 21 to submit their detailed training proposals including budget and competition plans presenting their eligibility and motivation to improve their riding skills across the season 2018/19. Upon the deadline on 8 June, 2018, 26 applications have been submitted to the HKEF Training and Selection Sub-Committee and Executive Committee for approval.

With past competition results and recommendations from their regular trainers, all selected applicants have shown their potential to represent Hong Kong in future international competitions, namely 3rd Asian Equestrian Federation Junior Jumping Championship in Taiwan, International / FEI Eventing or Dressage competitions. On top of these, we also support riders who will take part in international / FEI competitions that would score points under the Hong Kong Sports Institute Evaluation Criteria for Elite Vote Support for equestrian sports.

The successful applicants (in alphabetical order) include Julie Bardin, Vincent Capol, Karen Chan, Nathaniel Chan, Samantha Chan, Yuddy Cheng, Alanna Clements, Tara Clements, Annabel Dyson, Charmaine Fu, Bianca Garcia, Sally Kar, Amber Khaira, Zoe Koerber, Bryan Lam, Natasha Lee, Michelle Li, Daniella Lin, Ella Sarkis, Livia Sarkis, Gabby Thomas, Issac Wong, Owen Wong, Claudia Wrobel, Aden Yeung and Justin Yeung.

HKEF wish them all the best and successful in the upcoming trainings and competitions.

Best regards,

Hong Kong Equestrian Federation