The Inaugural HKEF Summer Eventing Camp


Dear Members,

The first-ever HKEF Summer Eventing Camp with Kajetan Walecki, Course Director and Senior Eventing Coach, took place at the weekend, 28 – 29 May 2016. Nine riders participated in the camp and practiced dressage, jumping and cross-country together at Beas River Riding Centre (BREC).

On Saturday morning, the camp kicked off with a briefing on a preliminary dressage test. Everyone received individual coaching of a mock test. After the dressage assessment, jumping lessons were conducted in groups in the afternoon. Riders were guided to jump from a single fence to full course route in the numbered order. In the evening, a seminar about horses and theories of riding was also included for better riding skills in the future.

On Sunday, the briefing and training started in a closed paddock with different combinations of cross-country jumps. Riders were then encouraged to have a taste of riding at New Land under supervision.



‘This weekend is really fun!’ said the camp children.

‘I have now become more confident in jumping and have decided to learn and practice more. The dressage and theory sessions were also helpful where Kaj reminded us all of the importance of contact, roundness and connection with our horses. Thanks to HKEF and BREC for organizing this camp and for the wonderful arrangements’ commented one of the participants, Ms. Catherine Sing who is also a member of the HKEF Executive Committee.

The eventing camp is a brand new idea to promote eventing in Hong Kong. Our sincere gratitude goes to Mr. Kajetan Walecki, who has put tremendous effort in the two day camping.

Group Photo for the Certificate